Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Bronx Is Burning Part Two Continues W/ A Rod

Alex Rodriguez and the drama behind his hip, Biogenesis, his Twitter account, and so much more is seemingly taking a new twist or turn every day now and today is no exception. Alex Rodriguez has told the team that his hip is not ready for rehab games contrary to what his doctor and his now famous tweet said. Speculation has already begun that A Rod plans to begin a rehab and retire from the game of baseball because of the hip avoiding a suspension from Major League Baseball and so he can collect the entire amount of his contract that is still pending. If Alex retires due to a medical reason that keeps him off the field he will get the entire $114,000,000 owed to him whether he later gets suspended or not by MLB.

The Yankees have insurance on the Alex Rodriguez contract that was originally for 10 years and $275,000,000 with incentives allowing him to reach a maximum of $320,000,000 which would cover roughly 80% of his contract if he should retire from baseball. Alex Rodriguez knows that he is not going to the Hall of Fame and while I doubt that he actually needs the money I can see why he would want to collect everything he can from Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees before he is basically banished from it. Maybe that is why he got the twitter account in the first place because he knew he was going to have some time on his hands really really soon.

I really hate writing about this and I really hate reading about this but this story is just beginning and this will not go away any time soon unfortunately. This is going to get ugly and is going to be a distraction for this team, I mean how could it not? I just hope the best comes out of it for everybody whether that includes A Rod retiring from baseball or coming back to give a big middle finger to everyone like he did in 2009.

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