Monday, June 10, 2013

Morning Bits

Good morning everyone!

The Yankees completed a successful series in Seattle yesterday by winning a nail-biter over the Mariners by a score of 2-1.

CF Brett Gardner(4-5, 1 RBI) and C Chad Stewart(2-4, 1 RBI) accounted for 6 of the Yankees 7 hits and both RBI's to lead the Yankees on the offensive side.

David Phelps was solid through 6 innings, allowing three hits, three BB's, and only one earned run while striking out 6 innings before yielding to the bullpen.

Boone Logan, David Robertson, and Mariano Rivera combined for three scoreless innings in relief to nail down the victory.

Robertson and Rivera gave the Yankees some anxious moments, working out of extreme danger throughout their two innings.

The Yankees are off today after traveling to Oakland where they will begin a three game series with the A's on Tuesday night.

Now on to today's news and links:

Ryan Tolmich of The Bleacher Report says that the Yankees will be a scary team come September.

Ken Belson and David Waldstein report that a Japanese team tried to acquire A-Rod last year after the playoffs.

Wallace Matthews of ESPNNY discusses the Yankees success this year despite poor team numbers offensively across the board.

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  1. Interesting piece by Joel Sherman on how Cano's lack of start power is hurting him in negotiations. Very good point that with him as the star player the Yankees are way down in attendance and TV ratings. We as fans don't think about that a whole lot but upper management certainly does.

  2. Matt, Sherman is right, but the Yanks still will have less star power without Cano. I would also add to that weather has been bad this spring in the east.

  3. Here is the link to Sherman's piece thought I had posted it. Very interesting read

    Even Irish can learn, when they apply Sabermetrics basics, and 101.
    That said, I agree with others that the Yankees should look to upgrade the corners.
    With wRC+...a 100 is average, above is all the better.
    With Ichiro, he carries a 67. His worst ever. And, I like him.
    With Vernon Wells...a 83. Worse than last year. He will be a fleeting memory.
    At scoring runs, the Yankees are fifth worst. Not rocket science.

    Michael P..."the hottest race, in AL East memory?"....Really?...on 6/10!

  5. Patrick, I totally agree, the pennant race is a marathon, many teams that are in first at the All Star break never make it to he post season. Plus the Yanks don't even have 3 starters back yet.

  6. doug...thank you.
    Enjoy reading your work.
    Pineda is the one to watch.
    Adjustments to the line-up will occur when opportunity presents itself. And, they will.

  7. Patrick, I really want Pineda to do well, he looked great in the minors and when he first came up. I just am not counting on anything from him this year, he hasn't pitch in a year, and is coming off shoulder surgery. To me he would be a bonus this year, I would be more than happy to have him as a starter next year.

  8. Well, I think it is time to put light on the Cano situation and get some fans really upset with me!!!!

    The sweetest swing since Ted Williams has a big hole in it...not the swing (I still love it) the head!
    He is still a free swinger without a plan, when he goes to the plate! IF he ever learns discipline and hits for the situation he could be one of the all-time greats for the Yankees but, as is...not so much!

    He is still a very valuable player for the team, but he could be oh, so much better and valuable. He has (as I have said many times) fallen into the right field trap. When we only need a hit, he goes for the right field fence...sometimes it pays off but, most of the time...not so much!

    Paying him a long-term contract is a foolish move, as things stand right now. The talent is there and before he ever got HR happy, was there...check his numbers.

    Cano is still one of, if not, the best 2nd baseman around but, he could be the best ever. I am sure Mr. Long has tried to talk to talk to him about the difference between what he is doing (which is good) and what he could do...which is much better. He can become one of the best clutch hitters in the majors, or as he is that can be had by a pitcher that knows how to pitch.

    As he is now, unless a good pitcher makes a mistake, he can be had. Using his head as well as his great talent could make it very hard to pitch to him in a game winning/tying situation.

    Just think, we could have a 2nd baseman that hits as Ted Williams did, back a few years! Sign him as is, for 7+/- years!

    No, I am not a Cano hater, Just my opinion but, very accurate! Yes...or...No? Maybe?

  9. You are right on the money Ken. Cano has one of the sweetest swings in MLB and is capable of even more than he produces. He has become a little too HR conciousess and he has always had issues swinging at too many pitches out of the zone and pitcher's pitches. Robbie has become a rather streaky player who is capable of going on a scary tear where he carries the team for a week hitting around .500 but there have also been too many stretches like the 4 for 33 stretch he is currently on. Cano needs to take the walks that pitchers give him and line the ball for singles to the opposite field if that's what the pitcher is throwing him.

    Cano is a perennial .300+ hitter who is currently on pace for his worst season since 2008 in nearly every category except for HRs. Despite his down numbers across the board in BA, OBP, SLG & OPS Cano is on pace for a career-best 38 HRs this year - a coincidence? You tell me. It could just be because we are looking at his numbers at an arbitrary point in the season after a huge cold spell. And offensive numbers ARE down across the board in MLB. But that still doesn't account for the spike in HRS while all other areas suffer. Is Cano looking to go long because he knows HRs will get him paid in FA?

    It's important to note that HRs are not bad. A HR is the best possible outcome a hitter can have in an AB. But when a team or player, zeros in on hitting HRs at the expense of other aspects of his game, it can hurt the team. Runs win ball games and it doesn't matter how you score them. But the important thing is Cano is producing less runs this year and the Yanks badly need his production in a weak lineup starving for runs.

  10. Thank you fishjam...
    The sad thing is, with his swing and God-given talent, Cano could be the next Ted Williams. I understand Ted had a Doctors Degree in hitting but, the talent is there.
    You are right, other than one year, Canos' numbers have been very good and will get better if he learns his art!
    Damn, it would be something to see, a Teddy "Ballgame" type, playing 2nd base for the Yankees? I really think he could be that good.
    As one of a very few, to have seen Teddy play baseball, both have/had sweet, sweet swings of a different type.
    Did you know Shoeless Joe Jackson was said to be one of the most talented all-around players to ever play the game? Just had to throw it out there.


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