Friday, July 5, 2013

A Day In The Life Of A Yankees Blogger

So I wake up at 5:00 am ET and the first thing I do after your usual morning bathroom routine is I check The Greedy Pinstripes to see what is new in the world of the Yankees. I update daily at this time the AL East standings, the next Yankees game, and Ichiro's assault on 3,000 hits list. When Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter come back they will be added as well. I then check my G Mail for any press releases or emails that I may have gotten over the night and I update the blog accordingly. Before I know it I have to get my son out of bed, get my lunch packed, get my son to my mothers house, and get my behind to work.

I get to work early usually and I scour twitter, @GreedyStripes, to see the latest from our followers. I have a great conversation with somebody almost every morning. This is usually when I go on my rants about when Brian Cashman needs to shut his mouth, or trade for this, or trade this guy, or how I am tired of this or that from the night before. If news ever breaks or I see something interesting I use the blogger app on my iPhone to update the site.

Work, work, work, work, and work. I have to work now at work because at one time I spent so much time scouring the internet for news that The Greedy Pinstripes got blocked at work. We then got a "updated" internet policy with our paychecks a couple weeks later stating that we are, paraphrasing of course, here to work and not to play on the internet. Excessive internet abuse at work would result in a reprimanding and maybe even termination. The termination word was enough for me to unfortunately stop updating the blog at work but there is always my lunch break.

After I get off work, get dinner in mine, my sons, and my pregnant wife's stomach I go full Greedy Pinstripes mode. I update any news that may have broke while I was at work and prepare for the nights game. This is the time you will see the game threads made and the game previews made. When the game starts I go to twitter and tweet with our followers and usually get a lot of good ideas for posts for the next day. Tweeters say the damnedest things, you know it? During the commercial breaks is when I schedule daily posts like this day in New York Yankees history posts. By the time Mariano Rivera throws that last pitch and I hear Michael Kay say the Yankees have won it is bed time for me. I have to be up early again tomorrow to start the entire process over again.

Why do I do it? Not the money that is for sure and it is definitely not because I want some sort of fame or recognition. I do it because I love the New York Yankees and I do it because I enjoy it. I cannot say why I decided to do this post, mainly I guess because I thought it would be interesting, but I can say that I really appreciate every one of you reading this right now. Thank you all and we love you!

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