Friday, July 5, 2013

Yankees Sign 20th Round Pick Drew Bridges Over Slot

The Yankees have announced that they have signed 20th round pick out of the 2013 MLB First Year players draft Drew Bridges to an over slot deal. Any player taken past the 10th round is given a $100,000 slot recommendation and while the official number has not been released yet Jim Callis says Drew received 6th round money. This would have Bridges at least doubling or even tripling his slot recommended deal. The Yankees have roughly $300,000 in surplus draft money that was expected to go to Aaron Judge but a nice chunk of that may go to Drew Bridges now. Drew is a big 6'4" 220 lb third basemen from Missouri High School and has drawn comparisons to Brett Wallace but we should be concerned that Drew may outgrow the third base position. Either way he is in the fold so head over to twitter and give him a follow by following @Bridges_5. Welcome to the family Drew.

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