Friday, July 26, 2013

Soriano Is In The Fold, Now Get Michael Young

Obviously I think the Yankees brass answered the question of whether or not they would be going for it this trading deadline season. With Alfonso Soriano now in the fold for the Yankees is it time for the Yankees to pounce on Michael Young of the Phillies?

The Phillies have lost four in a row and are now eight games behind the Atlanta Braves in the AL East. Even with the two wild cards the Phillies are even farther behind those teams for the Wild Card. The Phillies may be willing to deal now with only six days left until the July trading deadline is up.

Now obviously the Phillies could put Michael Young on waivers and trade him in August but there is no guarantee that a team could not block the Yankees from claiming him. Either way Alfonso Soriano may be our best right handed hitter on the team now but if we acquired Michael Young I think Soriano would immediately drop the second best and we need all the offensive upgrades and versatility that we can get.

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