Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yankees Interested In Angels Alberto Callaspo

The Yankees and the Angels have discussed trading the Angels third basemen Alberto Callaspo before Wednesday's 4:00 pm ET trade deadline passes. Callaspo is in his age 30 season and is hitting .253/.323/.348 with five home runs. Callaspo is a switch hitter which the Yankees seem to covet and is fairly cheap making only $4,100,000 in 2013 (we would only pay the prorated amount obviously) and a guaranteed $4,875,000 in 2014 before hitting free agency for the first time. With Alex Rodriguez possibly out for at least this season and next Callaspo could be a decent fill in player at third for the Yanks.


  1. I currently live in Kansas City and when Callaspo played here he was a .300 hitter and a fan favorite. Also, he's not too old, so he will be able to play the field more than Michael Young. I'd love to see him acquired.

  2. I disagree we need power but I do like the fact he is a switch hitter and young


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