Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fading Away and Trading Away

Confession: I tweeted last night that I would have an article today--I never break my promises, but I always procrastinate horribly.

Fading away. Well, Yankees, you're getting your Christmas present: no A-Rod. Here's my short and sweet opinion on the whole thing: A-Rod's always been the big scapegoat and the black sheep of baseball from the beginning, when there are way worse offenders. Baseball, you mean to tell me that you'll suspend Ryan Braun, who out-and-out LIED through his teeth to everyone's faces and pumped his chest, only for the rest of the year, while the WORST A-Rod gets is a suspension through 2014? A-Rod's never failed a drug test, and even admitted to doing steroids in 2009. He hasn't pumped his chest or mocked baseball's higher-ups. Do I think he's done steroids since '09? Probably. But don't forget, in this country you're innocent until proven guilty. But the Yankees got what they wanted, so now the money's freed up for...

Trading away. It's 8:38 p.m. on July 30th as I write this. There are 18 hours before the end of the trading deadline (4 p.m. tomorrow.) The Yankees are lacking in two vital positions: catcher and third base. It looks like the Phillies will clutch Michael Young with their talons until kingdom come, so I'll focus on the catcher.

Braves fans, bear with me. National League ballparks are usually deeper than American League ballparks. Therefore, an AL pitcher who has a soft spot for home-runs would probably pitch a little better in NL parks. Yes, I'm talking about Phil Hughes. Did anyone see him Sunday against Tampa, against a ROOKIE? BUT, that same pitcher would probably not give up as many home runs in Atlanta, as well as the pitchers' parks the Mets, Marlins, Phillies and Nationals have in that division. They're not the same bandboxes in the AL East. Throw Hughes and some prospects or cash and you got yourself one Brian McCann!

Brian McCann is hitting .284, and is a free agent this winter. He's 29, a 7-time All-Star (including this year when he was hurt) and in the prime of his career. A player like that commands a lot of money, even if he's a Georgia native. The Yankees need a catcher with power, the Braves need a pitcher without Tim Hudson now. Think about it; let's make it happen (hopefully!)

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Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

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  1. I have been saying this for weeks! Love it! I would love McCann in pinstripes and I think Hughes wins 20 games in a full season in Atlanta


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