Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Rod & Cervelli To Be Disciplined By The Team

Alex Rodriguez was handed an envelope before last nights game with a statement inside from the New York Yankees organization. The envelope stated that the Yankees would be disciplining A Rod, to no one's surprise, for getting a second opinion on his quad strain from Dr. Michael Gross. Alex did not give the Yankees any kind of written notice that he was seeking a second opinion from the Hackensack University Medical Center doctor and that violates the new collective bargaining agreement. I am sure it is nothing more then a minor fine, which any kind of fine would be a drop in a bucket to A Rod, and has probably already been squared up before he left the stadium last night.

Francisco Cervelli will also be disciplined by the team after not showing up to the teams minor league complex down in Tampa for rehab work prior to his suspension. I would bet it would be safe to assume that Cervelli knew he took what MLB offered and knew his season was over and did not bother but it did not sit well with the Yankees. I am sure it will also be a monetary kind of discipline that will probably not be much but when you are Hal Steinbrenner every penny counts.

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