Sunday, August 11, 2013

Biogenesis of Genesis: On the Sixth Day, A-Rod rested

Being posted as a part of Syndicated Sunday from It Is High...

In the big inning, there was darkness...

On the first day, A-Rod said, "Let there be lights!" and all the Klieg lights of the media firmament shone upon him. 

On the second day, A-Rod said, "Let there be lawyers!" and mountains of legal papers rose from the oceans, and he could again stride freely despite his bad hip.

On the third day, A-Rod said, "Let there be games!" and he went one for three with a walk.

On the fourth day, A-Rod said, "Let there be bean balls!" and a White Sox pitcher hit A-Rod on the elbow, causing a thunder of cheers. 

On the fifth day, A-Rod's team finally won, in extra innings, no thanks to A-Rod, who went oh for four with three strikeouts.

On the six day, A-Rod rested, and the Yankees were crushed by an angry, jealous God from Detroit, where everybody is pissed off about something or other.

On the seventh day, A-Rod... well... wtf?

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