Friday, September 27, 2013

Phil Hughes New York Yankees Career Is All But Over

Phil Hughes did not have the contract season that he was expecting or wanting as 2013 can be chalked up in one word, disastrous. Hughes was drafted out of the first round in the 2004 draft by the New York Yankees and worked his way all the way through the system as their #1 prospect before making his debut in the majors. Hughes had his share of ups and downs as he went from being demoted to the bullpen to having an 18 win season. Hughes went from having a perfect game against the Texas Rangers to having a season ending injury in one pitch. To say that Hughes had a roller coaster up and down Yankees career is probably an understatement and now, unless Hughes has naked pictures of Brian Cashman's wife or girlfriend, his Yankees career is over. Here is what Hughes finished with, stat wise, in his Yankees career and his 2013 season.


4-14 W/L
5.19 ERA
145.2 IP
24 HR's Allowed
121 K's
1.455 WHIP
7.5 K/9 Ratio
1.5 HR/9 Ratio


4.54 ERA
780.2 IP
112 HR's Allowed
656 K's
1.322 WHIP
7.6 K/9 Ratio
1.3 HR/9 Ratio

As you can see Hughes has a win and loss record over .500 for his career which suggests that he has been better in the past then he has in 2013 and at age 27 can get back to that level. His ERA should also come down if he went to a  non hitting friendly park along with his home runs allowed stats. I think his home run allowed numbers are a little overblown because in his 18 win campaign in 2010 Hughes has a 1.3 HR/9 ratio and only had a 1.5 HR/9 ratio this season where it seemed like every other fastball was hit over the fence. His K's numbers, walk numbers, velocity, etc are all on par with his career numbers so I think whoever signs Hughes for 2014 is likely to get a better product out of Hughes for next season and beyond.


Phil Hughes will sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks for three years and $26,000,000.

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