Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Day In New York Yankees History 9/17

On this day in 1965 the Yankees honored Mickey mantle for the first of three times right before he played in his 2000th game. Mickey told the fans on this day that he wanted to play for another 15 seasons but would end up retiring in the 1968 season.

On this day in 1977 Yankees DH Dave Kingman becomes the first player to hit a home run for four different teams in one season with his third inning shot. Kingman would hit 26 home runs in 1977 including home runs for the Yankees, Mets, Padres, and Angels.

On this day in 2008 Derek Jeter became the all time hits leader at Yankees Stadium with his 1,270th home run in the house that Ruth built. Jeter would pass none other than Lou Gehrig's team record in the season before the cathedral of baseball was torn down and demolished.


  1. The King.......Dave Kingman, the prince of the City...Derek Jeter , and the town drunk Mickey Mantle.

    1. Kingman was a little before my time unfortunately

    2. Kingman hit some of the longest HRs you Could have seen...that's the trouble with being so young...if you were older. Do you get the Envy part in that line, it's there?
      That is also the trouble with being so old, I got to see Kingman, Willy, Snyder, Mickey, "Hammering" Hank, LeRoy "Satch" Page, play in their prime years, whereas, most that have seen those guys play...only saw what was left over from their productive years.
      Just as I saw the good years of those great players...I suffered thru the over the hill years also.
      Now it is you younger guys turn to suffer through the decline of your star players...it is not fun, believe me.
      Andy, Jeter, A-Rod, Tex, Itchy, Mo maybe even CC are on the over the hill guys list...if they play NEXT year!

    3. I don't look forward to it, not at all. I started watching baseball every single day in 1994 so I have grown a bit spoiled over the years...


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