Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yankees rally in eighth, beat Blue Jays 4-3

Thanks to 3.2 innings of relief from David Huff in which the Blue Jays scored just one run, the Yankees were able to rally late tonight to beat the Blue Jays in thrilling fashion, 4-3. This win was big, but since the Rays also won tonight this victory seems a little tainted. I guess scoring four runs late to win a big game is still good, but it's tough to swallow that, while you don't lose anything, you don't really gain anything from this comeback. 

The Bombers four eighth-inning runs tonight came on an RBI Single from Cano, an RBI Double from Soriano, and a two-run double from Wells. With this win, the Yankees are now just two wins away from clinching a winning season, which is pretty good considering all of the injury problems they've had this year. 

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