Thursday, October 17, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Is Suing MLB


Originally this was set to begin on 10/24 but the hearing has been pushed back two weeks until 11/7. Just a reminder that this is his suit against MLB for their "witch hunt" and not his 211 game suspension appeal or his lawsuit against the Yankees team doctor... got it?

Alex Rodriguez isn't just fighting the 211-game suspension handed down to him due to alleged involvement with Biogenesis. This morning ARod has officially filed suit against MLB, accusing them of conducting a "witch hunt" as well as "tortious interference" in his personal life.
Among the allegations, Rodriguez’s lawyers wrote that Major League Baseball had paid Bosch, the head of the now-closed Biogenesis clinic in Coral Gables, Fla., a total of $5 million in monthly installments “to buy his cooperation,” citing “at least one individual who claims to have knowledge of Mr. Bosch’s deal.” The lawyers said that baseball also promised to provide security for Bosch, cover his legal bills and indemnify him from civil liability stemming from the case.
 It's worth nothing that while Bud Selig is named in the lawsuit, the Yankees are not.

Those allegations are very serious. As much as the Yankees need Alex to be suspended, in order to get what is needed to be competitive next year and keep their payroll under $189 million, if what he says in that lawsuit is true then I'm 100% on his side.

However, this could simply be a tactic devised by Rodriguez's lawyers in order to get MLB to reduce the suspension. One of those "we'll drop our lawsuit if you drop yours" things, which we see happen a lot.

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