Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jose Abreu Close To Signing

It's being reported that Jose Abreu is close to signing a deal worth nearly $70 million. Unfortunately, the team he's close to signing with is not the Yankees.

Earlier today, Jose had narrowed his list of destinations to the Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, and Chicago White Sox. And people believe the team that's about to sign Abreu is the White Sox.

Although I'm not sold on Abreu, as some scouts pointed out that his bat is a tad slow, I'm glad that he may not be going to Boston. The last thing I want to see the Red Sox do is improve by finding a player like the Dodgers did with Yasiel Puig.

I'm not sure why anybody who didn't grow up in Houston would want to play for the Astros. But as long as Jose doesn't go to Boston, I'm not concerned.

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