Thursday, October 10, 2013

New York Yankees Coaching Staff Updates

The New York Yankees have already brought back manager Joe Girardi for the 2014 season and beyond and have pretty much brought back Larry Rothschild, the pitching coach, along for the ride but what about everyone else?

The Seattle Mariners are having internal discussions about bringing the Yankees third base coach Rob Thompson in to be their next manager. Please, please take Thompson so we can get someone who knows when and when not to send someone at third base. The Mariners have not asked the Yankees for permission just yet and I am not entirely sold on the fact that the Yankees will let them so stay tuned on this one.

Pete Mackanin was a scout in the New York Yankees organization this past season and will be the Philadelphia Phillies third base coach in 2014. Mackanin was reportedly on the short list of guys to replace Joe Girardi if he left so he must be pretty well regarded and respected around the league.

The Yankees have eliminated the advanced scouting video coordinator position within the organization which means Charlie Wonsowicz is now out of a job after spending parts of the last 21 seasons with the Yankees in some capacity. This must be part of coupon clipping Hal Steinbrenner's plan or something because this makes no sense at all.

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