Monday, October 21, 2013

Yankees Announce 2014 Season Ticket Prices

It is no secret that the Yankees were not that good last year, the YES Network ratings showed it and attendance showed it, and this will carry over into 2014. Today we learned that somewhere around 39,000 seats in the stadium will stay the same price while another 9,000 seats will see decreases in prices. We actually only saw 2,000 seats increase in price, which if I had to guess I would say they were either luxury boxes or the nose bleeds seats, go figure.

The Yankees are also changing the names of certain sections, and probably increasing the price of the tickets, by naming them Outdoor Suite Boxes. The Yankees are also adding, which is currently under construction, the Field MVP Club Lounge and are renovating the Home Plate Team Store. The Yankees are adding more premium seating and decreasing the prices for the working man in other sections so maybe we can see more of a fan presence at this games this season.

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