Monday, October 21, 2013

LCS Wrap-Up

We'll start in the AL. I figured whoever won Game Five would win the series. People told me I was nuts; the Tigers got Scherzer and Verlander in Six and Seven. But that Tiger bullpen clearly resembled the Yankee bullpen at the end of the season. My colleague Brian Danuff made a great point; Veras used to be Mo's setup guy a few years back...Lord help us. When Scherzer couldn't get out of the seventh, I said to myself, "This is the time when the Tigers choke." And choke they did. Now Victorino isn't really known as a power-hitter; but I'll tell you what, I wasn't surprised (don't forget B.F. Dent!) The Red Sox have almost become masters of the late-inning drama...maybe more so than the Yankees.

Prince's bellyflop was very symbolic (and funny.) Basically it was symbolic of the ineptitude of that Tiger offense. The only starters that had a good LCS were Victor Martinez (.364, 3 RBIs but NO homers), Jose Iglesias (.357 and how ironic that he was the final out?), and Austin Jackson batting .318. Miggy was hurt for most of the stretch and playoffs (outside of the backbreaker in Oakland), but the Prince of Persia simply did nothing. His dad was more effective in one World Series for the Yankees than this guy in three straight postseasons for the Brewers and Tigers (.194 postseason lifetime average if you're keeping score.)

Hats off to Mattingly; although now I'll do a 180 on the Division Series. Originally I was all in favor of starting Kershaw in Game Four against the Braves, but in the aftermath, that blocked Kershaw from being able to start a Game Seven against Wainwright, which never happened anyway. Yes, Kershaw had a bad LCS, but it's funny how the most unknown players like David Freese or Michael Wacha shine brightest in Cardinal red. Wacha would probably give up 100 home runs in pinstripes, it's just the way it's always been. But to out-pitch the probable NL Cy Young Winner TWICE is just incredible. Both LCS MVP's were pitchers; shows a true testament to how dominant the pitching's been in October.

Papi had a nice, human moment after Game 6 when he said "This is our....BLEEP city!"

And so the World Series is upon us. Two very evenly matched teams, that I think will take it to a seventh game. Ultimately though I think due to the emergence of the Cardinals young pitchers, that St. Louie has the better overall pitching and bullpen, and I betcha you'll see Wainwright in Game 7. Until then...

'Till Next Time!

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993


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