Friday, November 22, 2013

A Quick Thank You To Mike Ashmore

I was looking around various New York Yankees blogs the other day and I noticed that Mike Ashmore, of Thunder Thoughts, said that there was a very distinct possibility that he will no longer be covering the Trenton Thunder in 2013. Now I speak with Mr. Ashmore when I can on Twitter so I knew this was coming before most but it is still bittersweet. I am extremely happy for Mr. Ashmore because he is a humble guy, a great guy, and an even better beat writer. His attention to detail, his love for what he does, his passion, and his work is unmatched by anyone that I have seen in my short time as a Yankees blogger.

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ashmore once and have interacted with him a few times on Facebook and on Twitter, I try not to be one "of those" people that bother him all the time, and truly no one deserves what he has achieved more. Mr. Ashmore is still down to Earth, appreciative, humble, and one of the (as cliche as it sounds) good guys left in the game. I have not seen anyone cover a team like Mike has and I don't think that I ever will again to the extent that Mr. Ashmore did.

I want to personally thank you for everything you have done, for taking the time out for what was an even smaller blog then we are today for an interview, and always taking the time to put the "social" in social media. I am a true believer in karma and you get what you put in and you, sir, are the walking poster child of that. Congratulations in everything you have accomplished and I raise a glass to you for your efforts throughout the years. You are in my thoughts and prayers that all your wishes come true both in life and in your career, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you won't need them. Good luck Mike and I personally appreciate everything once again, you are a class act.

Mr. Ashmore is hoping to latch on with next season so go over there and give them a bookmark and wait for an Ashmore sighting.


  1. Daniel...
    I have had a conversation or two with Mike, a time or two or more! When I use to make the rounds of the Farm Teams, I would bump into him once in a while. A few times I asked him about a player here and there, he was always nice enough to give me a critique of said player! Sometimes, I would give him something to think about...not too often!
    It was a few years ago but, who knows...he may still remember the old guy with the very old campaign hat.
    A fine gentleman in my book! My best wishes, to him and his!

  2. He is def a great guy and the poster child for karma. Great guy and is truly blessed.


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