Friday, November 22, 2013

The Dean Anna Interview That Really Excites Me

Dean Anna was acquired from the San Diego Padres for an A Ball pitcher on Wednesday night so I scoured the internet and found this interview with him. Just listen to him name off the positions that he plays and listens to all the fundamentals. He is confident, which helps in New York, and may be the end of Eduardo Nunez if Alex Rodriguez is not suspended.

Anna is coming off an impressive 2013 where he posted a .331 batting average with nine home runs, 38 doubles, and 73 RBI's in 132 games. Anna is 26 years old and has gotten as high as AAA in the Padres organization and may be ready to finally break out in 2013, so watch out for him.


  1. Just watched the Dean Anna interview. Love his attitude, and dedication.
    Could be someone who feel into the Yankee' lap. About time something good happened.
    Also adds a few more smaller chips that the Yankees can package, and trade...Nunez...Adams.
    Now, onto the power bats.

    1. Anna seems like the kind of guy that refuses to be out worked. Mix that with his obvious talent and I think we may have really found something here.

  2. He is my type of player, nothing great about his talent but, put it all together and you have a fine player that will always play hard and not make a lot of mistakes. Add to what you two have said about him makes me think of him as a Yankee throwback...which ain't bad folks!
    I cheated, I looked in a couple of places for dependable scouting reports on him!
    Daniel, It looks as though you may be right in your assessment of him, he reads like a keeper to me.


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