Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cashman:Yankees Plan To Tender Contract To Cervelli

The New York Yankees and Brian Cashman reportedly plan to tender a contract to Francisco Cervelli for the 2014 season after losing 50 games due to a steroid suspension. Cervelli was one of the players linked to the Biogenesis fall out and missed much of the 2013 season due to a broken hand, the steroid suspension, and a stress fracture in his arm.

This is interesting as the Yankees would have four catchers on their 40 man roster before they add Gary Sanchez to be protected by the Rule 5 draft so this cannot be good news for Chris Stewart or Austin Romine. Cervelli is only expected to earn about $1,000,000 in arbitration this season so that may be the end of the discussion right there but either way I believe Cervelli can build on his 2013 season, the healthy part of it, and be a decent catcher for us so I am glad to be reporting this news.

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