Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yankees Interested In Bringing Back Eric Chavez

Dan Martin of the New York Post has reported that the New York Yankees are interested in bringing back Eric Chavez to the team in 2014. If this deal happened it would make so much sense for the Yankees as they would have their guy at third base if Alex Rodriguez was suspended and would also have a viable backup option for Mark Teixeira at first base a couple days a week. Chavez battled health issues again in 2013 after leaving the Yankees for his hometown Diamondbacks and the 35 year old has acknowledged that he can no longer play everyday which works perfectly into our plans next season. If Alex Rodriguez is suspended and we are looking for a good backup for Eduardo Nunez at third base and for Mark Teixeira at first base then I think Eric Chavez is the perfect fit for the Yankees.

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