Thursday, November 21, 2013

You Know What, I Believe Alex Rodriguez

You know what, and call me crazy but I believe Alex Rodriguez that he didn't do it. I said it on Twitter last night and I am not the only one. I am so sorry that I simply do not take Bud Selig's word for it. I give you my most sincerest and sarcastic apologies when I don't just simply take a name on a piece of paper from Anthony Bosch, who sells people freaking illegal steroids, as "good enough" to ruin a guys life, career, and legacy. As my friend and fellow writer Neil Dwyer said late last night that he was on board with #TeamARod, well I'm leading #TeamARod so jump on board.

Alex Rodriguez wants to hold a press conference and Bud Selig counters with a gag order.

Alex Rodriguez wants to call a witness that will help him and Bud Selg says no.

MLB bad mouths Alex Rodriguez, A Rod replies with an "I didn't do it."

MLB leaks all this information, A Rod refuses to go on late night TV, Oprah, etc.

MLB boasts about their PED testing but don't have a failed test on A Rod. The same testing that caught Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, and a flurry of other players. Hmmm....

Bud Selig slaps a guy with a 211 game suspension pulling the "integrity of the game" clause more then any commissioner in the history of any sport and refuses to come face the guy or testify in his hearing.

If it looks fishy, smells fishy, tastes fishy, then it's fishy.

If it looks like a bitch, smells like a bitch, acts like a bitch, then he's a bitch.


  1. Daniel....
    I will jump on the band wagon of support for A-Rod, as I have been for years. That doesn't in any way mean I have forgiven him for his use in Texas.
    Bud has the power to shut A-Rod down and with a 110 game suspension, more or less end his career.
    Evidence supplied by a felon, no positive test, where is the proof of him using from Texas on...and he picked A-Rod (a Yankee) to give a career ending suspension too.
    All the others tested positive and given 50 games, A-Rod never has tested positive (after Texas) why give A-Rod a year?
    Skunks come out whenever they want to, no one can challenge them and escape the stink...nough said!

  2. He didn't even test positive in Texas...did he? #FreeA-Rod

  3. Yes, he did but, it was before it was a banned substance! He has never tested positive after Texas.


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