Thursday, November 21, 2013

An atriptic of Robinson Cano...2nd baseman

An atriptic of Robinson Cano...2nd baseman 

  An atriptic painting ...a work consisting of three painted panels, hinged together. It can, be used to represent the past, present, and future. Art work can be very subjective. Here's my take.

PANEL ONE :  " No Tequila Sunrise, at Arlington Stadium, Texas. "

Prior to the trading deadline, I posted Robinson Cano. The Yanks biggest chip.
Then one day, coming off a hot beach, back in July, I get in my car, only to hear that ESPN, FAN, etc. are reporting that the Texas Rangers are interested in trading for Robinson Cano. Fabulous !
Now the Yanks can do what Boston did over the winter...jump start this team !
Even better...Jurickson Profar, second baseman, and Texas's top prospect is the name being circulated. Am I in heaven ?...this can't be true. For the next 24 hours, I'm crazed, hoping the Yankees will add others to the mix, to make Texas want to pull the trigger!... Give them Slade, a catcher, Cervelli's girlfriend, Matsui's collection of porno tapes.....anyone / anything. Just get it done !
And, just as quick as firestorm started, it ended......."Today,  Brian Cashman announced that the Yankees have no interest in trading Robinson Cano."  Are they nuts ! They must be.
Just think if Jurickson was obtained, and the monies saved with  Cano's contract demands. They could of been used for someone like.....the Cuban first baseman, Jose Abreu ?...a masher. And others.

PANEL TWO : " The Sports Agent. "
The agent's name is Shawn Carter. To some, he is called JZ. He is a pusher. He will always be a pusher. Rap lyrics will never erase that fact. Shawn Carter's clients probably robbed, or killed, or wrecked lives, in order to get the money to buy what Shawn Carter was pushing. This guy is garbage.
At this most important time in Robinson Cano's career, he chose Shawn Carter to be his agent.
" JZ-Credits Drug Dealer past for preparing him as a sports agent. "
Forbes magazine. Darren Heitner. Oct. 1, 2013.
NY Daily News...Dec. 3, 1999....
"JZ charged, in stabbing Lance Rivera in the back, with a 8 ' knife. Over a dispute.
JZ pleads guilty. Given probation...Oct, 2001.

PANEL THREE : " A Few Dollars More. "
From a  Clint Eastwood trilogy...came ..." A Few Dollars More "..appropriate for Robinson.
They will always want to extract more money from the Yankees. They will demand more, and more. Even after reaching a king's ransom stratosphere. The " agent " wants it that way !
In the end, I see Robinson running off to some team, that just over pays the Yankees bid.
The agent will drive this, and Cano will just sit there, and swill his $900 bottle of champagne. Straight from the bottle, no glass for him.......he's in the crib.
No home team discount, no family discount, no Yankee monument for Robinson. Nothing.
The expiration date on Robinson's career, will now have a shortened shelf life. So it goes.
At some point during the negotiations, the agent JZ will whisper to Brian Cashman.....
"I've got some good cano for you, ....for only .......A Few Dollars More."


  1. A critique of ones self, is healthy. Please allow me to comment on the above Cano post, of mine.

    It's only OK. I can, and will do better next time. The humor worked, but I need more computer 101.
    Starting with...I have two, of the same, head lines to the same piece. Automatic failure, in my book.
    I will reach out, and ask for tutoring. A special thank you to...............
    a)...Fat Boy Slim..for pushing me to attempt this. Fat Boy's idea, and he was right.
    b)...Daniel..for his encouragement, coaching, and walking me through this.
    c)...Yankee Fans Unite.....for nothing. The world is a better place without the smug...'Jersey Boys '

    Today I am ... "an official Greedy Pinstripe professional blogger and writer."
    For that, I am pleased.

    1. welcome to the family Patrick. We're happy to have you. Too bad everyone couldnt be here to share this with you.

    2. I had faith in you Patrick as did Twasp and our leader Daniel. I honestly was a bit surprised that you followed through with it but, glad you did.
      Nice job!

    3. I am also very glad you did and look forward to what else comes down the pipeline.

      Sometimes you just need that push. Believe it or not one night back in January of 2012 I was against starting a blog, thought it was stupid. A friend of mine who is not here after multiple olive tree branches his way, jmaest, kept pushing.

  2. DO THE YANKEES WAIT ? they wait for the Cano money grad to run it's coarse ?
    Or, do they go after a decent, Peralta, or Infante, and build the rest of the team
    around one of them ? They will not be there forever.
    Very nice pick up yesterday...Dean Anna, acquired from San Diego.

    1. Honestly I think they wait until the GM meetings and then walk away. Cano is no Jeter.


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