Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What I Want For Christmas: One More Year!

It is not a coincidence that I am inherently a greedy person when it comes to my Yankees fandom and that translated into my Yankees blog writing, and blog name for that matter. While other teams are talking about "maybe next year" I am always screaming for one more year!

I have already wrote an open letter to both Andy Pettitte and Mariano River asking for one more year, giving them the true World Series send off they deserve, and yada yada yada. This time around I am just going to ask for one more year of you guys, our readers. My last adventure I tried I purchased a domain and hosting for seven years, it was a great deal and I was highly confident. We almost made it a year before I took it down and scrapped the whole idea, and hell I still own the domain. This time around I decided we would go one year at a time with The Greedy Pinstripes as to not force content or put too much pressure on ourselves.

The first year was great for us and the second year has been nothing short of amazing here on the site. We exceeded our goals in views, content, writers, Twitter followers, etc. two fold in all areas. We want to stick to that mantra by saying we won't make any outlandish promises, we just want one more year. The Greedy Pinstripes will be back for the 2014 season if you will have us and beyond. Merry Christmas everyone I hope the day is great and everyone gets what they wanted because I know I did.


  1. I'm certainly staying. This site's great

    1. Glad to have you back in the fold. Some changes may be coming for 2014.

    2. ELLIJAY...You told the guy "changes"....correct ?

      You are asked what, and you say " personnel" ?......That's it ? YFU is on the high ground ?
      Is Fishjam, from YFU, replacing you ?
      Is Michael, the Mask from YFU, replacing you "
      Is the idiot. Dan / Rooster, from YFU, replacing you ? ( he gets the stake in the heart first )

      You can understand ? If they are coming....I will have my lads in the trenches braced
      to fight to the last man. No bastards are as dumb as they.

    3. No one is replacing me as long as I am paying the bills, lol. YFU is under the ground, and I put them there lol. It started when I took Delia, then Matt, then their XML file lol.

      They are not coming, not that I invited them anyway. Havent run into fishjam or Dan. Michael Pawluck? I talk to him on Twitter a lot...

    4. FISHJAM...Seton Hall University, should have returned his tuition. They failed him.

      After four years....the pitching ' book of knowledge '....became an idiot.
      By now, he has fallen on his sword....Or, has had Dan, insert something similar into
      his anal cerebellum.
      A pack of skunks, is being kind.

      All of them, could be put in a condom. And, no one would find them.

    5. Sounds like a nice group of people, lol. Probably why the site didnt work out.

    6. Really Daniel...
      You think Patrick and I would hang out with nobodies? Only the best and finest commenters hung out with us. We outgrew them after 4 years, thus you see us here!
      Now that we are here, the class of commenters has taken a big move upward! LOL

      The bad thing about the other site is, a few were very good and knowledgeable fans!
      Delia, a nice person with writing talent and baseball knowledge to match!
      The Kid...Brian Danuff...Good talented writer I told him when he 1st started posting on the site and said he wanted be a sports writer! Journalism school was best for him and to ignore the Liberal teachers!
      Ernie our baseball historian...we got along fine...didn't hold up well under the onslot given him! But nice guy, I wish he would move over to here!
      Dan (Rooster) Minor league Guru.... NO criticism was allowed...turned bitter!
      Fishjam, one of the more knowledgable of the bunch on pitching! pitchers ourselves...had a few disagreements, although, he would take a comment of mine and clean it up so fans could understand what I was saying...good man! Didn't set well with him when I pointed out some TRUE FACTS about the Captain. Stats that had been there for all to see but, like Obama...nobody could see through the propaganda of him!

      You could have a very nicely rounded out crew here if we could get the better ones over here and show what they can do in a better environment!

    7. Do you have a way of contacting these people?

      Danuff is a writer here. Delia used to be until she got her big gig.

    8. Yup! I knew that, Brian and Delia were two bright spots on an otherwise dark site!

      I have a habit of pissing people off, so I never got very close to any of them at all! Patrick and Tommy-T are the only E-mails I have from the other site!

  2. Jack not know you very well. But when Mr. Burch gives you a thumbs up,
    that's all I need. Look forward to reading your words. Lets not be strangers.
    Take care.

    1. Jack did the daily game recaps for the Yankees during the regular season and the Arizona Fall League recaps this offseason. He is an integral part of the team.

  3. My Swipe & Paste....gloomed this paragraph today,......from LOHUD.

    A tag on, to the Yankees waiting for the Rodriquez verdict...........
    " The players know what’s going on. Arroyo knows that he’s not the Yankees top choice to round out the rotation, and Drew knows he might not get to play his normal position, and Reynolds knows he’s mostly a backup option should A-Rod be ineligible. I’m sure the Yankees would be happy to have both Arroyo and Tanaka (if the money is right), and it would be nice to have Drew filling in at second or third (while providing high-profile insurance at short), and Reynolds has the kind of right-handed power that fits the Yankees current needs. But all of these are, in one way or another, a version of Plan B."
    Lifted from the great LOHUD..........the Lower Hudson Valley News.

    1. I read that. This offseason has been amazingly slow for the most part and that is really helping the Yankees as we wait on the A Rod decision.

  4. Ellijay Burch...nice words today from you, linking me to Ranger Ken. Very honored to be in his
    company, in the same sentence.
    Many did not survive the road he went down. He will not tell you that.

    1. Maybe one day I will be privileged enough to hear the story.

      FYI Ken Reed makes his debut as a pinch hitter guest blogger tomorrow.

    2. Patrick...
      How come you get all this stuff that isn't on the blog, I keep reading you say things about things I had no knowledge of...if it ain't on this blog where is it?
      How could Daniel ever link you and I together, the only good sailor is a Medic...and you ain't it, so dat, I does like, mus mor. LOL!!!!

    3. REED & HEED....dat, dar, duh ? You are hopeless. Four years with you....Jesus.

      Follow me...You posted 12/25...' god bless the military'...etc
      I post after you, on 12/25.....saying 'I am honored to be in your company'....etc.
      Daniel posts on 12/25....that he appreciates our service, or something like that....etc.

      YOU come back 12/27...' dat, der, dung-heap, duh...'I have no knowledge, where is it'?
      What is wrong with you ? Too much western NY pot roast ? ( muskrat )

      I, as you, served with Navy medics. True valor, and sacrifice. They stand tall.

    4. My ego is so large, I just take that sort of adulation in stride! LOL
      As one can see, I don't take pats on the back very well! That's why I let others take the limelight, and stay in the shadows.
      Thank you both! I do appreciate your kind words!

  5. NO LONGER allowed.... ( intentionally self imposed ) give shout outs to old Twasp,
    So how about Kenneth Reed. Where are you ? Stir this up, will you ?

    1. Fine by me. I feel slapped in the face by him to be treated like this after giving him a home and welcoming him, and everyone, open arms. Whatever he is an adult he can do whatever makes him happy.

    2. Daniel...
      With a few of them, it was like..."How dare you doubt the truth, as I see it"! No matter what it was they were talking about it was their way or "Hell hath no fury as one of the chosen, being challenged"!! There were four of the chosen, don't ever, ever doubt what they say about anything, so of course, I had to have my fun and did.
      Ernie and I use to go back and forth about some things but, not tooth and nails!
      I make statements just to shake things up a bit and have fun. One can read a lot into how others react to what one writes/says!
      Tommy-T was the only guy I really didn't like, without him being the instigator, things may have found a way to heal but, every time one of us got people to the peace would jump T-man with something to get it going again.
      You may have seen a bit of that here!

  6. NO CAN OF WORMS HERE !!.............that was not my intention. Sorry to read that.

    Guest blogger K-O Reed. I knew this day was coming ! He will be a professional writer like me !
    The ' Oswego Lover-Boy '.
    The ' Rochester Rambo '.
    The ' Lake Erie Heart Breaker '.

    I may not sleep tonight, knowing the" Finger Lakes Hemingway"..... will be unleashed.
    I just sent out Anne Marie, go out to get me a dozen, Red Bulls. I'll stay awake all night,
    awaiting the Old Ranger's post.

  7. Remember the song...." CRAZY TRAIN " by Ozzy Osbourne ?....I'm sure Ken does not.

    After reading the scenario, that the NY Post has just put, up regarding what eight teams,
    not counting the Yankees, that be may be going after Tanaka.......that song may become the anthem
    for this pursuit.
    It will get ugly, boys.

    1. I don't think it will get that bad honestly. I am sure Tanaka knows who he wants to play for, or has at least narrowed it down to a market or a coast. Most teams will be gone immediately.

      I am just guessing but if I am Tanaka I either wanna play in Los Angeles (either), New York, etc. Arizona, Texas, Seattle, etc are off the board. He isn't in it for the money, they were offering him a boat load in Japan to stay, he wants the fame and recognition.


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