Thursday, January 9, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Is In The United States

I am seriously considering renaming this blog to because it feels like that is all I talk about lately but I digress. Tanaka is now stateside on the day that marks the halfway mark in his 30 day negotiating window. Tanaka plans to meet with teams immediately and has flown to Los Angeles to meet with at least the Dodgers and the Angels and possibly the Athletics. Tanaka was originally slated to go to Chicago to meet with the Cubs and the White Sox but weather has changed his travel plans just a little.

Tanaka plans to meet with as many as a dozen teams today and tomorrow including the Dodgers, Angels, Cubs, White Sox, Yankees, Diamondbacks for sure. There is always a surprise team or a mystery team thrown in there that we never heard about but one team is obviously absent, the Seattle Mariners. It is still unclear whether the Toronto Blue Jays will have a face to face with Tanaka or not so only one way to find out, stay tuned to Masahiro Mania.


  1. MASAHIRO TANAKA.....invited to join Long Beach, NY Polar Bears on February 2.
    Into the icy Atlantic, along with other brave Irish lads, lacking cerebellums.
    Followed by as many beers as he wants, at patrick's house.
    No rice cakes, but great wings cooked on coals.
    I will do this, to entice a signing.

  2. Patrick...
    May I reiterate something I have said every year you have been doing this? No? Well too bad; You are giving all us smart, peace loving, well educated, savant Irishmen a bad name! Well, I am very non violent that is for sure...all right, so I don't fit that part very well either!
    I am an Irishman gentleman anyhow...the Army said I was. And NO I will not join you, unless it is 80 degrees out there!


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