Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Signs w/ New York 7 Years $155 Million

Masahiro Tanaka has taken my advice, and constant twitter nagging, and signed with the New York Yankees. The deal is for a reported 7 years and $155 million. That is a huge commitment for a relative unknown but it completes the Yankees offseason in a big way. Everyone who follows me on twitter knows I am the reason Tanaka signed here so you are welcome.


  1. Well I am a bit surprised that he didn't sign with the Dodgers. I was pretty close to the amount that I posted a few days ago as I thought it would come in at 6/$150. I think the Yanks had to do it and I give Kudo's to Hal for opening up his wallet this season. Now sign Balfour and to one year 12Million with incentives and vesting option for second season and lets see Balfour battle Roberston. I unlike like a few of you still feel Robertson can't close so we need someone that has done it before on a regular basis and not a handful of times.

    1. That would be a hell of a Spring Training competition, sign me up.


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