Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hal Steinbrenner Lays The Smack Down On Haters

Hal Steinbrenner was very vocal today when being interviewed about the Masahiro Tanaka signing. His brutal honesty reminds me a lot of his father, and I must say that I like it. You don't want to hear from me though you want to hear from the little boss so here are some quotes courtesy of the Associated Press:

“We’re going to do what we’ve got to do to win,” Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “Anybody that questioned our commitment to winning is going to have to question themselves.”

I guess this puts to bed the "coupon clipping" Hal Steinbrenner for a little while? Maybe?

“There has been criticism of myself and my brother the last couple years that, gee, if our dad was still in charge, we’d be spending this and spending that and doing whatever it takes to win,” Hank Steinbrenner said, referring to late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

I think I have probably been guilty of this as well... sorry Hal! I know Hal and Brian Cashman read my site so I send out my personal apologies.

“He didn’t have revenue sharing, at least for most of his time,” Hank Steinbrenner added. “That’s what these people in the sports media don’t seem to get. If it wasn’t for revenue sharing, we’d have a payroll of $300 million a year if we wanted to. So we’re doing this despite having to pay all that revenue sharing.”

So let's do the math real quick like. If it weren't for revenue sharing we would have a $300 million payroll. If the luxury tax is somewhere around $30 million does that mean we have $40-$50 million left to spend this winter? Bring on Balfour! Bring on Drew! Bring on Jimenez! Bring on the Canyon of Heroes.


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  2. I am not a Hal fan by any means and have been very critical of him, especially last year and you can even see by my avatar that I dislike him, however I have to give props where they are deserved and he did show me he was willing to spend money so for this present time I salute you Hal, again let me preface it as at this time.

  3. I now retract my nice comments about Hal as he let a proven closer go for $12mill. Let's now go dumpster diving and try everyone and their mother. Mark my word Robertson will not be able to get it done. He is sitting at home with his high party socks pulled up and he hears Hal say he is the closer and he just dropped a deuce in his draws. This one will bite us in the a$$

  4. Ken Hans....please step forward.
    Questions: Are you the Ken Hans, who's daughter was shown hitting in a batting cage ? And,
    catching fly balls in the outfield ?
    If not, please disregard my last.

    1. I am not following you Patrick on my daughter, what batting cage and catching fly balls where?

    2. Ken Hans....good morning, sir.
      Ken...I have been on vacation for the past week. Too much time on my hands.
      So I go exploring, on the internet........this time out, I find Ken Hans ' Coupon Clipper ',
      on You Tube. There were 5-6 videos. One had a young girl hitting in a batting cage,
      and another catching fly balls in a field.
      My error may of been....I assumed they were of your daughter.
      ***Are you that Ken Hans ?

      Again too much idle time, for Irish. You now see, we don't drink all the time.
      Thank You ! On your thumbs up comments on some of my posts.
      Take care. Talk later.

    3. Yes that is indeed my daughter on youtube hitting in the cage and shagging flyballs. She is going to be playing college softball in 2015.

  5. Grant Balfour....opportunity lost. A sin.

    He gets $ 5 million this year, and $7 next year. And the doctor says he is healthy.
    Not my money, but after $ 440 million, they could not bring him aboard as insurance ?

    Fernando Rodney. Was only joking earlier. He is not the solution.
    He should be a tour guide in Port Au Prince.

    1. Losing Balfour, especially to the Rays who only didn't make the playoffs last season because of their pen, hurts. It hurts a lot.


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