Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ubaldo Jimenez Seeking $14 Million Or More Annually

So apparently many writers, readers, and fans took speculation of "I think the Yankees will end up with Ubaldo Jimenez" and turned it into "the Yankees are interested and the front runners for Ubaldo Jimenez." I really love Twitter and such but like everything else in the world it has it's downfalls. I digress. Let's assume the Yankees are the front runners and are interested in Ubaldo Jimenez, are we still interested after what was announced today?

It was announced that Jimenez is seeking a multi year deal worth $14 million plus annually in salary. Obviously Jimenez's market has been slowed by the wait, and now 30 day window, for Masahiro Tanaka but is expected to pick up later this month or early in February. The problem with Jimenez is that he rejected a qualifying offer which links him to draft pick compensation which is less of a problem for the Yankees when they have to give up a pick somewhere in the 50th overall range than other teams.

The market for Jimenez seems limited right now with possible suitors limited to the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks, and possibly the Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles.

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