Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ken Davidoff's Hall of Fame Ballot

Ken Davidoff posted his Hall of Fame ballot on Twitter the other day and boy was it a bold one...

Jeff Bagwell - YES
Barry Bonds - YES
Roger Clemens - YES
Tom Glavine - YES
Greg Maddux - YES
Mike Mussina - YES
Mike Piazza - Meh, at the end of the day probably not.
Curt Schilling - No. Absolutely not. Call me biased, maybe he is not qualified, or maybe he's just a douche.
Frank Thomas- YES
Larry Walker - No

If you include Bonds, Clemens, Piazza, etc how can you include Walker and leave off Mark McGwire? Rafael Palmeiro? Sammy Sosa? Craig Biggio is not deserving? Edgar Martinez changed the game and turned the designated hitter into an offensive power show, not that that alone should merit him in the hall. Tim Raines deserves to be in as well and probably Alan Trammell as well. Just too many guys and not enough spots.


  1. Very Bold indeed, not many writers would give votes to half of those ex-players. He understands one salient point about the voting that may have been missed by many fans (or Not). His vote will have NO effect on the outcome! There have been writers, many times in the past, do the same thing because of many personnel reasons...really didn't want to vote for any of the players so, they voted for players they knew wouldn't get more than a very, very few votes or none at all!
    Maddux, Bonds, Clemens and maybe Glavine I can see voting for on their records alone but add PEDs in to the equation and you end up with only Two...Maddux and Glavine!
    I think a list including; Tim Raines, is needed! As for Martinez and Thomas...not a chance! They are part time players and do not have a place with the best of the best!

  2. The voting is a sham anyhow....When being very, very popular is better than a top notch record for the last few years is the scale setter, something is rotten with the system! Some of those voted in are in because of 4/5 seasons of great playing and being popular...last I knew "popular" was not the stats one had to have to be elected...See; Tinker to Evers to Chance, one great player and two good players, there was a song made up about them, and they were soon in the HoF!
    Has the time come, that many more of the writers are so PC and sissified, they can't get past the players popularity and see the record and the man?

  3. Wow one writer, I think it was a Dodgers writer but dont quote me on it, said he would never vote for a player that played in the steroid era... That means no Greg Maddux, no Tom Glavine, no Craig Biggio, no Frank Thomas.

    This system is BROKEN and a freaking joke. The... end

  4. Keeping players out due to SUSPICION of steroid use is an absolute freaking joke. Wanna leave Palmeiro out with a failed test? Go ahead. McGwire because he admitted it? Ok. Even Sosa because he had a corked bat? Petty, but whatever. Clemens was acquitted and Bonds never failed anything.

    This is ruining baseball and taking all credibility out from the Hall of Fame vote.

  5. Daniel...
    "Keeping players out due to SUSPICION of steroid use is an absolute freaking joke."

    Saying they used, is also in the same category.

    The way I understand PEDs is; It makes one hit the ball farther, but that is it! One still has to center the ball!

    When a player of Sosas' size and HR history, starts hitting HRs in the 50s, questions must be asked, same with Bonds and a few others! PEDs Also attack the feet and legs of a user, hence McGwire, Sosa, Bonds and a few of the others had foot and leg problems!

    This in no way, is a claim by me, that others that didn't test positive were guilty, nor were they not guilty!


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