Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Darrell Rasner Talks About Pitching W/ Masahiro Tanaka

Former Yankees pitcher Darrell Rasner has spent the last five seasons pitching in Japan along side Masahiro Tanaka and has been recently interviewed by Sweeny Murti about the Japanese star. Rasner was quoted as saying the following:

I watch him pitch at 88-89 or 90-91, and then I’ll see him jump up to 98-99 when he needs it. I saw him do this (last) year, and there was one game that really stands out to me. I wanna say it was the eighth or ninth inning and he was 140 pitches in and he needed a strikeout, and he jumped it from that 90 to about 98-99 and punched the guy out. … He’s always been great, he’s always been special. But this year I saw him learn how to mess with guys’ timing—he would do a quick pitch, change speeds. He really has a good feel right now of what he’s doing.


  1. This is from ...It may be possible.
    As the shoe salesman says...." try these on, see how they fit ? "
    2014 Starting pitching :
    * Sabathia * Kuroda * Nova * Baily * Garza.....................?
    * Sabathia * Kuroda * Tanaka * Nova * Baily....................?
    * Sabathia * Kuroda * Nova * Baily * Jimenez...................?

    The constant is Homer Baily. ...Gardner, plus Phelps, and another ?
    This one has gravitas.

    1. Your big on Bailey huh? Even though he is a free agent at the end of the season? I am not disagreeing here I am just playing Devil's advocate

    2. HOMER BAILY...I know you are aware of his progress. His rapid development. As I am.

      I really feel that this is a very good young pitcher...who's time has come.
      The reports are....... is that he is indeed that good.
      A solid # 2, and a potential # 1.
      Point is : If they loose out on Tanaka, and the fit is there with the Reds....really, really put
      the laser beam on him. The money is still there !!

      Forget the late draft pick loss. Go at it as though it is a trade for him, and then wow him with a fine long term contract. Even, bring in Cervelli's girlfriend. Or, Ken's dog.

      Gardner, whom I really like, can be replaced. But to find a young top pitcher ? Not so easy.
      Try this on for size...Sabatia * Kuroda * Baily * Nova * Warren....the front four are fine.
      The # 5, is always correctable.

      The team needs pitching now, not next year. Pull the trigger with Cincinnati, and find
      a fourth outfielder who scares people. Grrrrrrr, scares the crap out of pitchers.
      A few are still out there. Cashman can find one.

      My Irish bones, like this Homer Baily talk.
      ** I see it coming, " Yanks sign oriental pitcher, Tanaka". And, my post is horse dung !

  2. SORRY TO SAY....but this Hall of Fame thing, is becoming the version of the NFL's Pro Bowl.
    It's time has past.
    These ball players are not going to be buried in the catacombs, near the Vatican.
    This is like the baseball Oscars, for an audience that can care less. Not all, but less than in the past.

    It will soon be like the ...Rock & Roll Hall of Fame...who went in two years ago ?
    The new cast of characters...has soiled / questionable candidates. This cancer kills.

    1. I agree. They have killed the prestige and the aura around it. Not even entertaining to watch anymore. Owning a blog I am forced to cover it though, you know?

  3. TANAKA...I did not know this was the case, but........
    ****Tanaka will meet with the Cubs and White Sox this week, likely in Chicago, tweets Luke Stuckmeyer of CSNChicago.com.
    Hope we have a warm, and sunny day, when Tanaka visits the Apple.
    Hope the ' Gangstas '....are not out killing normal human beings that day.

  4. KEN REED...many common folks, out in the streets, are asking me when your dog Gravatar
    is going to be re released ?
    There seems to be a cult thing going on.

  5. I am following the Great Leader of this blog...so, a player, a damn good one at that!
    I am a bad follower but, trying...besides, this site is about the Yankees not us!
    How about that...to an Irishman that doesn't know when to stay out of the river in the middle of winter!
    You wonder why they call us "Crazy Irishmen"

    Have a good day Patrick!

    1. This is how the FOX show "The Following" got started... one follower calling me great. Before you know it people are getting killed because I said so, lol.


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