Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Member Of The Family Is In Need

Attention Greedy Pinstripes and New York Yankees family, a member of the family is in need of our help. I was woken up this morning to this tweet from one of our Twitter followers and it touched my heart, cancer sucks. For some reason there are over 2,000 people on Twitter and more on the blog that actually give a crap what I have to say and honestly I do not take that, for lack of a better word, power lightly. I think if you have the platform for it and the following you should use it for the better, like this young lady right here battling cancer. She needs your help

I am sure that every little bit helps, even if it's not with a monetary donation. Times are tough, if you can't afford it at least tell a friend. Post it on Facebook, Tweet it, spread the word and let's help one of our own beat this thing. Thank you all for your support!

Click this link HERE to donate, spread the word, add some words of encouragement, whatever you can and are willing to do would be much appreciated. Thank you again everybody.

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