Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees History 2/6

On this day in 1921 the New York American League franchise purchased a ten acre lot of land for $675,000 from the estate of William Waldorf Astor. The site would eventually become the home of the first Yankee Stadium. The stadium would sit directly across the river from the Polo Grounds on the west side of the Bronx.

On this day in 1986 the Yankees signed free agent Al Holland. Holland was coming off a season in which he saved at least five games for three different seasons the year before.

Also, really Phillies news more than Yankees news but I digress,  in 1962 the Phillies announced they will retire the #36 uniform number of Robin Roberts. The New York Yankee will visit the Phillies to play an exhibition game in March of 1963 for the ceremony, the first time the Phillies will retire a number in their then 79 year history.

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  1. Robin Roberts...
    One of my favorite pitchers, IF he had a nasty bone in his body, he could have been much better than he was...although that was good enough!
    He was one of those guys that didn't strike out hitters much, maybe 2-5 a game. The problem with him was his Control & was to good! I think this is about right...he walked 1-1/2 per game, and SO about 2-5.
    The hitters would dig in at the plate, knowing he wouldn't do a Gibson on them and knock their heads off, not even by accident! So, he was hit more than he should have been, heck everyone knew he wouldn't hit them.


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