Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baseball Prospectus: Yankees Have 23rd Best Farm

Baseball Prospectus has released their annual rankings of all 30 Major League Baseball's farm systems and the Yankees came in at #23. Ouch! You don't need a subscription to read the article, SEEN HERE from BP, that has the Minnesota Twins with Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano at the top spot followed by the Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Much like every other list the Los Angeles Angels are the last team on the list followed closely by the Milwaukee Brewers and surprisingly the Oakland Athletics.

Here is the Yankees write up from the article:

23. New York Yankees
Farm System Ranking in 2013: 14
2014 Top Ten Prospects: Link
State of the System: The Yankees have talent in the minors—which helps separate them from the poorer systems in baseball—but down years from key prospects caused the system to yo-yo from middle of the pack to the bottom third.
Top Prospect: Gary Sanchez (85)
Breakout Candidates for 2014: Luis Severino and Luis Torrens
Prospects on the BP 101: 1
Must-See Affiliate: Short-Season Staten Island
Prospects to See There: Luis Severino, Luis Torrens, Ian ClarkinGosuke KatohThairo Estrada
Farm System Trajectory for 2015: Up. In a talented yet schizophrenic system, all it takes is a return to form from some of the more heralded names on the farm and the Yankees will shoot back up the org rankings.

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