Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carl Pavano To Retire

Carl Pavano is ready to jump in his Ferrari and ride off into the sunset into retirement after scrapping a comeback bid. No one reading this is likely to remember the 1,788 innings pitched or the 4.39 ERA in his career but will remember the four years of inactivity that he had wearing a Yankees uniform. All kidding aside though good luck to Mr. Pavano in his future endeavors. Last word goes to Carl himself addressing the retirement decision:

"Despite my strong desire to compete and hard work in preparing for the upcoming season," said Pavano. "I feel that the amount of time lost from my spleen injury, coupled with the recovery from my complications from that injury, preclude me from continuing to compete at my highest level, which is necessary to perform in the major leagues." He went on to add that "three months of rigorous training have failed to produce the results that I was looking for to allow me to continue my major league career." 

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