Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meet A Prospect: Brian Cashman

Brian McGuire Cashman was born on July 3rd, 1967 in Rockville Centre, New York. Cashman was raised as an Irish Catholic with his family in Washingtonville, New York before moving to Lexington, Kentucky where his father, John Cashman, managed a farm and raised standard bred horses for harness races. There Brian attended Lexington Catholic High School before moving to Washington, D.C. and attending Georgtown Preparatory School. Cashman would graduate from Georgetown Prep in 1985 and would go on to The Catholic University of America to earn a bachelor's degree in 1989 where he was a four year starter, lead off hitter, and second basemen for the Cardinals baseball team. Cashman set the school record for most hits in a season, which has since been broke, and set himself up to being a member of the New York Yankees organization in 1986 as an intern and full time in 1998.

In February of 1998 Brian was named Senior Vice President and General Manager replacing Bob Watson and found himself in the middle of the Yankees dynasty. During Cashman's tenure as assistant GM, which will run at least into the 2014 season, the Yankees have won seven American League Pennants, five World Series Championships, was selected as the Major League Baseball Executive of the Year in 2009 by the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writer's Association of American, was named to the Crain's New York Business 40 under 40 list in 1999, had his hand in developing the video game MLB Front Office Manager, and had one broken ankle skydiving for a good cause.

Cashman currently lives in Darien, Connecticut with his family. We all heard the stories last year of Mary Cashman, his wife, filing for divorce in February of 2012 for whatever reason, whether it be an affair or not. Really it is not my place to speculate because it is none of my business as long as Brian keeps bringing World Series rings home to the Bronx. While I have lost a lot of respect for Brian the way he handled certain things recently, see the comments to Alex Rodriguez, that can all be forgiven quickly with a 2014 ring to boast.

Love him or hate him Brian Cashman has enjoyed more success, whether on the coattails of someone else or not, than most people will have in their life. For every bad trade Cashman has found a way to make up for it with a good trade or key acquisition. Cashman is signed through the 2014 season and will likely make it all season to see this $189,000,000 luxury tax threshold through so haters get used to it.


  1. Oh Boy I topic that I truly can write about for hours on hours about Cashman. I am going to do a short version and when I have time I will hammer away at facts, however fact one is that all the WS victories except 2009 were built by Stick and Watson especially with the arm system. Fact 2 cashman is a terrible evaluator of pitchers and has purchased his players to overcome his weak drafts and please people don't come at me with he doesn't handle the draft because the GM is the leader of the franchise and everything is run through him. Let's look at his evaluation of trades and FA signings of pitchers. Pavano, Vasquez twice, Igawa, Feliciano, Wright, Brown, Weaver just to name a few. Back to work but more to come on this clown that repels down buildings, jumps out of planes all because the boss is deceased and he can let his hair down or what little he has

    1. How quickly you forget Cashman brought us Roger Clemens, Mike Mussina, CC Sabathia, brought back Andy Pettitte, Hiroki Kuroda, and a ton of other top notch talent.

      Not to mention he brought in the likes of Alfredo Aceves, Luis Ayala, Cory Wade, Boone Logan, Kerry Wood, and a slew of other guys who were not or no longer household names before they were Yankees and got the most out of them.

      No GM has a 100% accuracy.

  2. From my observations, rosters change every offseason. If Cashman took over in 98, then he is in fact responsible for the championships from 98, 99, 00, & 09. Pretty sure the roster from 98 was quite different from 96. Just sayin.

  3. From my observations, rosters change every offseason. If Cashman took over in 98, then he is in fact responsible for the championships from 98, 99, 00, & 09. Pretty sure the roster from 98 was quite different from 96. Just sayin.

    1. I am pretty sure Mr. Hans mean't the core and the prospects and the farm were there when Cashman took over. Pretty easy to build around the Core Four in their prime and Bernie Williams.

      Cashman did bring in guys like Scott Brosious, Jim Leyritz again, etc though in the early years.

      Pretty sure it was George Steinbrenner who brought in the big contracts of Jason Giambi, etc.

  4. Cashman brought in Orlando Hernandez, Knaublach, (that might be how you spell it), and brought in Wells. (Not on the 96 roster) Not to mention, letting Girardi, go so one of the core four could start. Cashman has faced uphill battles from the get go. From The Boss to fans, he has been damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't. And in the meantime, he has 4 rings under his tenure.

    1. Thank you Jeff...I have tried to let those that hate Cashman know, every GM has bad pick-ups but, they are not Yankees, therefore we don't hear of them as much!
      "Stick" picked him for one reason, he is a great organizer and wheeler dealer. He knows baseball but, he is not a talent expert, nor need he be!
      Back when George ran things, the Yankees had a very bad reputation, NO one wanted to work for him. (I have written of this many times) So we didn't get the best of the best as far as talent evaluators go.
      There is no one I know in the business, that could (would) work with the mess that is the "Tampa Cabal". They over rule Cash and and want this guy or that guy on the team, Cash has to follow orders so he gets them...guys past their prime!
      By the by, Showalter was every bit as involved in the talent work as was "Stick" and Watson. Other than "Stick" I have never seen a guy with his talent for finding talent....except Casey Stingle(Sp?).
      I, in no way am saying Cash hasn't made bad calls himself, but not all trades and signings were his!


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