Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yankees Are "Monitoring" Joel Hanrahan & Ryan Madson

Okay it is now 100% official, Brian Cashman or SOMEONE inside the Yankees organization reads The Greedy Pinstripes and my posts, they have to. If you look HERE when I spoke about dumpster diving I mentioned the Yankees taking a waiver on the likes of Andrew Bailey, who recently signed with the team, Ryan Madson, Kevin Gregg, Oliver Perez, and Joel Hanrahan. Today news breaks that the Yankees are continuing to "monitor" Hanrahan after signing Bailey and are also looking at Madson. Are they simply signing up any former Boston Red Sox they can or am I next in line for a position inside the Yankees organization? Interesting...

Andy Martino broke the story on The Daily News that the Yankees recently sent scouts out to watch Ryan Madson throw. While the Yankees were impressed with his showcase they seem to think his price is "excessive" which means in Hal talk that he wants a Major League contract.

Hanrahan had Tommy John surgery last season and seems ready to contribute now or as late as May, not at mid season or later, and the Yankees and Mets are watching him closely. Hanrahan is entering his age 32 season and had the surgery in May so he is still nine months out from that surgery and also getting some bone chips cleaned up and getting his flexor tendon repaired. Hanrahan is already throwing off a mound and may be the best free agent option left that could be had for little to nothing and the Yankees need to pounce and pounce now.


  1. In doing my homework....Joel Hanrahan gives you what you want .....now. Not now, but soon.
    We'll go at this thought evaluation , as if everything goes as planed.

    He is very good. Not elite, but very good when healthy.
    He is expected to be ready, after his procedures, around June first.
    He has veteran experience from Pittsburgh, and Boston.
    The eighth inning guy for Robertson ? I'd go for it.
    The logical choice would have been Grant Balfour.

    1. Agreed. Very good, above average. Not elite, but gets the job done. I like him, if healthy of course.

  2. JEFF LEVIN.....been awhile. Hope this finds you well.
    Wondering if you made it to the Pink Tee-Pee ? And, met Chief Johnny ?
    All, or most, should be jailed by now.


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