Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If Brian Cashman Wants To Dumpster Dive, Do It Right!

The Yankees addressed their needs in the starting rotation, in the lineup, and somewhat touched on the infield but what about the bullpen? That same bullpen that lost Mariano Rivera, Boone Logan, and Joba Chamberlain and has done nothing to replace them. The Yankees have gone over the luxury tax yet again and are now content to dumpster dive to fill the roster and provide the team with depth. If the Yankees and general manager Brian Cashman want to dumpster dive for the bullpen they at least need to do it right, pay attention. The longer the offseason goes on and the closer we get to the pitchers and catchers reporting, which is Friday February 14 by the way, the more likely it is that the Yankees can steal a couple of guys on cheap deals or minor league deals. I can't wait to see how these new acquisitions will affect the odds on the different betting sites listed at MyTopSportsbooks.com

Ryan Madson is 33 years old and, although two years removed from it due to arm injuries, has closing experience with the Philadelphia Phillies. During Madson's last full healthy season in 2012 he put up 32 saves, posted a 2.37 ERA, and pitched in 60 games. Madson is said to be hitting 93 MPH on the gun this offseason and finally looks healthy again.

Kevin Gregg closed games for the Chicago Cubs last season and although his ERA was high, 3.48, he still saved 33 saves in 62 innings pitched. Gregg is also 36 years old so he comes with experience closing with many teams including AL East teams the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles. Gregg also only allowed six home runs in 2013 in a very home run friendly Wrigley Field in Chicago so he could translate well into Yankee Stadium in a 7th or 8th inning role. Plus he punched David Ortiz in the face, how could that hurt?

The Yankees don't necessarily need another left handed option with Cesar Cabral, Matt Thornton, and Manny Banuelos already in the fold but Oliver Perez has revitalized his career as a left handed specialist in the bullpen the last couple of seasons. Perez has a 2.93 ERA the last two seasons in 82.2 IP and has only allowed seven home runs, albeit in a pitcher friendly park. If we brought Perez to camp though I could see the Yankees dumping Thornton all together, here's to wishful thinking.

Andrew Bailey and Joel Hanrahan can be combined here as they are both former closers, both former Red Sox players, and both coming off injuries to their arms. Bailey is still only 29 years old and Hanrahan is still 32 years old which means neither are old or have too many miles on their arms. Bailey, before coming to Boston, had 75 saves in his first three seasons and a 2.18 ERA before he became the heir apparent to Jonathan Papelbon. Hanrahan had 76 saves the two seasons before he was a Red Sox with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hanrahan was acquired to replace the injured Bailey only to lose his 2013 season to injury.

All of these men could come on minor league deals with invitation to spring training or very low risk one year deals with incentive laden contracts thus making them all attractive. With the closers role still technically up in the air and the Yankees bullpen looking rather thin on paper we could also offer interesting and attractive offers to these men. If Brian Cashman wants to dumpster dive sign more of men like these and less Cole Kimbal's please.


  1. Awesome. I totally agree, some nice options out there that could come real cheap. Hope something comes to fruition.

    1. These deals make too much sense, probably why they won't happen.

  2. Just for fun, what about toying with the idea of Jeff Nieman in the bullpen? Coming off surgery he could be really cheap

  3. THE DUMPING of MATT THORNTON ?....time for someone to teach me a magic act.
    How does one dump a pitcher, who only just signed a two year, $ 5-6 million contract ?
    And, has yet to throw a pitch ? What am I missing ?....magic tricks ?
    Ellijay says in the above post today........
    " If we brought Perez to camp though I could see the Yankees dumping Thornton all together....."
    Wishful thinking, and reality, do cross paths.

    *** Daniel, while making the bed this AM, I glance at the TV......I have the Weather Channel on.
    There they showed the city / town of Ellijay, Ga. in the predawn hour. You had bad weather also.
    We are in for big a nor'easter tomorrow night.

    1. I don't think it would happen, but it could. Especially if Cabral pitches his ass off.

      Yeah we are all over the news, its gonna get crazy

  4. THE TOILET, and the METS FAN......They were made to go together.
    Today, after the Tanaka press conference, the local ESPN affiliate took calls on Tanaka's signing.
    Open the septic tank, and run !...Because out they came, Met fans wearing their soiled diapers.
    ( I know other fans do this, but this was so over the top. So predictable.)

    I do not have to recite their stupid, low mentality rants.....you have heard it before.
    These losers, that follow the Mets, a team that can never be linked to the word..."winning "....had the
    bravado ( balls ) to predict Tanaka's failure, as well as the up-coming Yankee's poor fortunes.

    It was pathetic. And the idiot host, most likely an Obama voter, who also stated he hates the Yankees....egged them on. " Next caller, Irwin from Queens...does Tanaka fail ?"......" ahh, duh ?"
    Most Met fans, and their team, will fit any store bought plunger. Common knowledge.

    I dislike the Mets, and their stooges. If they were not so dumb, they would be stupid.
    Flip that handle, and lets flush away !

    1. If he had signed with Boston, LA, etc he would be the next Yu Darvish.

  5. I don't know about dumpster diving but I do know those you guys are looking at as BP arms may not be as good nor, better than those we have.
    I hear the same thing every year, we don't know if he can do the same in the Show so, we will go with this other guy that has way to many miles on his arm but, 3 years ago he was great for this or that team.
    We have a few guys that must be protected next year from the rule 5 draft and a couple others that are reaching that cut off age.Why must we answer every problem with players from the out side?
    I have always believed bring up the kids and give them an honest chance. There have been many, many players not only pitchers, that have good numbers on the farm and come up and become solid players.
    It has always amazed me how players get pidgin holed at a young age and 3 years later said player is a star, somewhere else!
    When a player is hungry, he works harder and wants it more!

    1. I specified minor league deals so I am not replacing the kids with these guys.... I am just bringing competition to Spring.

    2. ROCKET KENNY....I have read your words for years. I know where you will
      stand on a issue, before I read your comment.
      On giving the younger players " an honest chance "....you have never wavered.
      That says a lot about you. You hold the high ground.
      Even though you murder the English language, you are one onto yourself.

      **Kenneth ( gray Irish )..Did I read you right, last week ? You said you have a walker ?
      It stands alone in the corner of your room, but dose not walk ?
      You need to get outside, and check your trap lines.................................stay well.

    3. Daniel...
      Yes you did specify minor league deals, and I understand the idea behind it...competition! My problem is, if they were better than what we have in our system...why are they still looking for a home?
      Only one guy will make the rotation, that means the other guys could work out of the Pen and gain much needed and invaluable experience. Next year we will need another strong candidate for the starting rotation.
      Just my observation!

    4. Patrick, yes you read it right...
      After my last stay in the hospital, remember...I died, well only for a while. Anyhow I had to have a walker to get around for a few weeks.
      I was trying to make a joke about it being a "walker ...but, it didn't walk"!
      I have been out chopping wood and Ice...in fact I have the only dry & clean driveway in our small little community. As for checking my trap line...I don't trap, I shoot!
      Have a good'un Patrick!

    5. They may be better if they are healthy, that's my point. Especially Madson.

    6. It very well may be Daniel...
      Just stating my preference, no one knows for sure...until they get the chance. There are just so many catchers in ST, now who do you think will get the most opportunities to pitch, AAA or the older pros'? Like my coach in college said one day..."Life is not fair but, God knew not to make you 6" 3"!"
      By the way...Madson would seem to be a good pick!


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