Friday, November 9, 2012

Dodgers Win Bidding On Hyun-Jin Ryu

Blogger Mike Petriello, of the Dodgers' blog Mike Sciocia's Tragic Illness, confirmed that the Dodgers did indeed win the bidding for Hyun-Jin Ryu.

I'm not upset at all by this news, as LA paid quite a bit just to speak with Ryu about a contract ($25.737 million). And the good news about this is that this makes the likelihood of the Dodgers luring back Hiroki Kuroda even less. So if the Yankees re-sign Kuroda, and Pettitte returns, then I think the rotation will be in really good shape next season.

Somebody Bid $25.737... Million For Ryu

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal has word that it was the Dodgers that won the bidding.

Jon Heyman said that the winning bidder for the right to negotiate (yes, just to negotiate) a deal with Hyun-Jin Ryu paid $27.5 $25,737,737.33 million. Unfortunately, we don't know what team paid that much. It was first thought that the Cubs had won the bidden on Ryu, but it turns out they in fact did not win. Evan Grant, of the Dallas Morning News, reports that the Rangers also did not win the rights to speak with Ryu regarding a contract.

Kuroda Turns Down Qualifying Offer

Add Hiroki Kuroda to the list of players from the Yankees that turned down a qualifying offer.

I was really hoping Hiro would accept the offer, and return to the team on a one year deal. But just because he turned down the qualifying offer doesn't mean that can't happen still. It may cost more money, or as some have speculated it may only cost the addition of a no-trade clause. Either way I'd give it to him, especially on a one year deal.

You'll find what you want inside, Mr. Kuroda.

As for a two year deal I'm not sure. As a fan I say go for it, as I can't see him being worse than an average starter in 2014. But knowing that the Yankees are serious about getting at or under a payroll of $189 million in 2014, I'm not sure that paying him upwards of $15 million would work out.

We'll be keeping our eyes on Kuroda, that's for sure.

Swisher & Soriano OFFICIALLY Reject Qualifying Offers

It was expected but now is official according to Mark Feinsand on twitter, the Yankees impending free agents Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano have officially rejected the Yankees 1 year $13.3 million qualifying offers for 2013. They are now unrestricted free agents and can sign with any team, including the Yankees. The Yankees will receive draft pick compensation, usually a first rounder, if either of these men sign with another team. Hiroki Kuroda has until midnight tonight to make his decision on whether he will accept or decline his qualifying offer.

Anibal Sanchez Talked His Way Off The Yankees Board

Anibal Sanchez, with one report from Jon Heyman from CBS, has essentially talked himself completely off the Yankees board this off season. Anibal Sanchez has reportedly asked one team for a SEVEN year deal worth $100 million and would be reportedly willing to settle for a SIX YEAR $90 million deal. Say What?!?!?!?!?!?
My Face As Well When I Heard This Report
Anibal Sanchez is reportedly using CJ Wilson's contract that he got last summer from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of Disney World of West Coast Choppers of Hollywood as a starting point for his contract negotiations. The problem is that CJ Wilson was an ace in the American League on a perennial playoff and World Series team for more then half of a season in the American League. FYI CJ Wilson signed a five year $77.5 million contract last season so the AAV is the same just with an additional year or two thrown in for good measure.

The Tigers, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Rangers, and Dodgers are all reportedly interested in Anibal, well they were before this report came out anyway. It is unknown whether the Yankees had any interest at all besides the minimal courtesy phone call or kicking the tires but I am sure whatever interest we may have had is long gone now.

Entering his age 29 season after a season with the Marlins and Tigers that included 195.2 IP, 3.86 ERA, 3.53 FIP, and 20 post season innings with a minuscule 1.77 ERA in a weak free agent market I guess I could see where he would ask for the moon but this may be just a little much. Hopefully no team gives him this kind of contract because it sets a scary and dangerous precedence where a half of a season of triumphs may hinder a new team for the next seven years.

No Hometown Discount For Cano


Robinson Cano has said that while he's willing to sign an extension with the Yankees, there won't be any kind of "hometown discount". He feels he gave a discount to the team the last time, when he signed for what has so far been a 5 year deal for $42 million (an AAV of $8.4m). Robbie does have a point there, seeing as how he's been worth $107.5 million according to Fangraphs (an AAV of $21.5m).

Not only was he worth more in 2012 than he has in any other season of his career ($35.3m according to Fangraphs), Cano has added a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, and a top 5 finish in MVP voting to his incredible resume.

Having a 2nd basemen with those accolades is extremely rare to come by, so I think if the Yankees are going to spend on anybody... Robinson is it.

TGP Yankees Awards : MVP

The Yankees MVP award goes to none other then Captain Clutch, Mr. Derek Jeter!

How could this not go to Derek Jeter in a landslide? Maybe I am crazy for taking the word VALUABLE into the equation and less of the "sexy" numbers but Derek Jeter is our MVP, unquestioned in my eyes. At age 38 Derek Jeter continued to defy the odds, the statistics, mother nature, and an ankle injury that would just not go away. Not that it needs to be showcased anymore then his "lead by example" character already does but let's take a closer look at Derek Jeter's 2012 season went.

In Derek Jeter's age 38 season the captain went on a full out assault on the all time hits list passing guys like Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount, George Brett, Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, and Willie Mays to name a few. Derek finished the 2012 campaign with 216 hits which was just three shy of his career high of 219 that he set in 1999. Derek set a career high in at bats this season with a staggering 683 at bats in 159 games played. It is astonishing how his body has held up over the years with 2585 games played plus an entire season basically of a post season career. His triple slash this season was .316/.362/..429 with an OPS of .791 while hitting 32 doubles, 15 home runs, 58 RBIs, and 9 stolen bases. He put up a nice 2.1 WAR along the way as well while only committing 10 errors while manning the short stop position.

Could anyone else really ever be our MVP and show as much heart and VALUE to the team then Derek Jeter? I think not...