Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Plan To Sign Jason Heyward & Trade Brett Gardner

The New York Yankees have almost all of their positions and roster spots set in stone for the 2016 season as we sit here on September, 29. The second base position will be open with Stephen Drew hitting free agency, the 4th outfielder position will be left open with Chris Young hitting free agency and a few bullpen slots will be open with Chris Capuano hitting free agency, that's it. The Yankees have one of two choices here really, they can head into 2016 with basically what led them to the postseason in 2015 or they can get creative trading away Major League talent, signing Major League talent and continuing their youth movement. You guys know me, I started a blog called The Greedy Pinstripes, so you know what I want to do and you know that I come with a plan.

One player that the Yankees had discussions about in the winter of 2015 before he was ultimately traded to the St. Louis Cardinals was Jason Heyward. Heyward is set to hit free agency after the 2015 season at age 26, something you are seeing less and less of in the days of the luxury tax and profit sharing in Major League Baseball, after probably surpassing the 6.0 WAR plateau in what many consider to be a down season for the Cardinals.

The problem with acquiring Heyward is the team has no place to play him. Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran are all under contract for the 2016 season and are all set to make significant salaries with the team. The good news, for lack of a better term, is that only two of them have full no-trade clauses meaning one could be traded to fill a spot for a starting pitcher or second baseman, Gardner.

The experiment, in my opinion, of having Ellsbury and Gardner hitting at the top of the same lineup has failed. It has failed because neither men are stealing bases or helping the team create runs. With a team that is reliant on the home run and less on manufacturing runs and big innings the team needs to make a change. Station to station baseball with some of the speediest guys in MLB is not working for whatever reason and Heyward, a left-handed batter, would help alleviate the problem. Slotting Heyward into the second hole in the starting lineup gives the team more on-base percentage, more pop in the lineup and more chances to score and score big when the likes of Brian McCann, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez come up behind them.

I love Gardner, I truly do, and I love everything that he brings to the table. His grittiness, his hard-nosed approach to the game and all the other intangibles that cannot be defined by simply heading over to Baseball Reference but his greatest asset, his speed, is being under-utilized with this team. Sending Gardner in an offseason trade with, for an example's sake, Ivan Nova and prospects could fetch the Yankees a good second baseman and the final piece to the puzzle while getting younger, and in my opinion better, in 2016.


  1. JUSTIN HEYWARD.....Why get excited ? He will not change anything.

    Current 2015 batting stats :

    Justin Heyward........289 BA...12 HR...56 RBI...355 OBP.
    Brett Gardner...........260 BA...16 HR...65 RBI...346 OBP.

    I have always been OK for trading a talent like Gardner. But you will miss him badly,
    if you replace him with the likes of Heyward.

    1. the move is more geared towards beyond 2015. Gardner has had a Gardner year and will only continue to slip. Heyward has had a down year and is very likely to rebound.

    2. I have no problem trading Gardner. As you said Burch he is in his typical Gardner BA and I agree on Heyward, however as all know this isn't happening especially with the tightwad at the helm and the elf on the wall.

  2. Ah, if only we didn't get rid of melky.

    1. Have you seen his stats in Chicago? They aren't much to write home about either to be honest. Switch hitter but I was never the biggest Melky fan myself.

  3. Agreed. I wouldn't want him now. I thought a few years ago he could have been signed for a good price after the suspension and back problems, but he went to Toronto. I was always a fan, and remembered him playing sick defense, and one time in particular, robbing manny Ramirez of a homerun (probably won my heart there, as I was a yankee fan living in boston). and another time throwing a bullet to make an out at the plate.

    Plus, in hind sight, we traded him for Javier Vasquez. Ug.

    1. He was a good player but he's just not one to lose sleep over, you know?

  4. Daniel, you had me with trading Brett for the best we could get but, when you wrote this ...
    "Sending Gardner in an offseason trade with, for an example's sake, Ivan Nova and prospects could fetch the Yankees a good second baseman and the final piece to the puzzle while getting younger, and in my opinion better, in 2016".

    So many of the Fans have gotten use to the idea of overpaying for players and take it for granted...as do almost every team in baseball...thank you, King George!

    There are a few teams that really need a centerfielder and no matter what some may say about Brett he can play a damn good game. He is one of the guys that teams always ask about whenever a trade is brought up.
    I wouldn't even think of trading him for another outfielder, use him for a pitcher along with Nova. This three for one trading is BS.

    IF we sign Cespedes or another big stick for the corner spot then there is no need to trade him for anything other than a pitcher. If we don't do that I would be happy with Slade playing left field for us.

    Our biggest NEED for 2016 is a number 1or 2 starter and a good power hitting outfielder, trading Brett opens it up for said power hitter.

    Cespedes or Slade LF
    Refsnyder at 2nd base, for 2 years then Mateo
    Front line starting pitcher
    Ryan to be utilty man

    Just thoughts off the top of my head, what say you guys?

    1. A pitcher, second baseman, whatever is the best the team can get. I think the team has more of a pressing need at 2B than SP but I believe in Sev, Tanaka, Pineda and Warren more than most me thinks.

      Slade is left-handed, that hurts him.

  5. KENNETH... 'Hell's Kitchen'... REED....this one requires a response from you. OK ?

    RE: Brett Gardner. The trading chip that will fetch the most.

    I agree with you, Gardner will / should be used to acquire a.....starter / 2nd baseman.
    I think in a package for a second baseman is were it will happen....Castro ?
    The pitcher can be obtained via free agent, or in another package.

    Would love to see Heathcott get his chance in LF. His salary would be attractive.

    Cespedes will cost a fortune. It also seems like the NL pitching, is starting to unravel him.
    Much like the did in the AL.

    Refsnyder, also could be packaged for that 2nd baseman. I don't think he's the one they are
    excited about. That's how it seems.
    And, Ryan.....to me, he is sent off somewhere also.
    You have addressed me when I was wrong, in the past. More than once.
    And, the years have rolled on by. Jesus.

    So, old timer, let me ask you this Re: Ken Hans.
    For a guy that came across as brash, pompous, in your face....as well as smart & talented.
    He ran off the field quickly....for one that showed such promise.

    He deserved what was sent his way. By his mentioning a family member, is what set me off.
    I took time off, came back...and gave him what he dished out.
    But by no means was I out of bounds. That is how I feel.

    I do not think, I am to be held to blame for his vanishing. I think I am ..though.
    This is not YFU. Therefore, the heavy guns were not used.

    So.......you tell me. Was I out of line here ?

    Stay well.

    1. Ken H, is a welcome addition to this blog...without the name calling, and hope he will return soon, at least he gets replys!

      No, I don't think you are to blame for his disappearance. You are right, this is not YFU and name calling is not to be used to answer name calling. One can call out the stupidity of one without calling them stupid...as an example, only! That is the greatness of the English language!
      Using words such as; Argumentative, arrogant, condescending, egregious, bloviating, superfluous, veracity, vitriol, ostentatious, ludicrous and many, many more.

      You do get caught up in name calling IF called a name, not meaning you call names too fast you just answer in like kind. You are better than that Patrick, but you do lash out at times, sometimes, for damn good reason.

      I truly believe he was getting it from all sides and wouldn't or couldn't change his opinion of players. No one said Evo was an ACE or anything like that, but he under the misconception some thought he was.

      Right or wrong he is a Yankee fan and as such should be as welcome as you or anyone of the others on this site...agree?

    2. KENNETH........very well written, and a historically correct response. No dem dars !
      I do agree with your theory.

    3. I don't think, and yes I know I'm not Reed, you were to blame at all for Hans leaving, temporarily or permanently. It wasn't until I started giving him the same treatment he gave everyone else, i.e. holding him accountable for statements like Warren is his #2 starter, that he left.

      He was quick to throw out the fact that I was a hypocrite, although I was quick to come back and show in writing how I wasn't, and that I flip flopped (paraphrasing) etc. I don't know if he's gone for good but it wasn't your fault and I don't think it was anyone's fault. If anyone it was my fault. I took everything that anyone and everyone has ever dished out respectfully and stuck around to defend what I thought was right, I thought he was good enough and loyal enough to do the same.

      Color me disappointed.

    4. Daniel, I don't think anyone was out of line with him at all! He dished it out and when it came flying back to bite him in the ass...he gave up!
      I never took him as a quitter so, I think he will be back or at the least, cool off and reappear as a more reasonable fan of the Greatest Team in the history of sports.

      It is fun to go back and forth with someone with a different point of view...respectfully!

    5. He does disappear sometimes and come back, who knows. Only time will tell. I'm patient and I agree with you. I like his point of view and I like debating, not agreeing, with people.

  6. HARD TO TAKE..........
    This is very difficult to watch. Such an inept team. So weak in starting pitching.

    I know you see it also. And yet, there are those that clammer for this wild card thing. Why ?

    The wild card....like giving weak team, a second chance. Maybe they will get lucky ? Not this one.
    I wish they could be eliminated from any post season.
    Treason ? Perhaps. But why prolong this.

    The only thing that will effect real change is lack of revenue.
    Elimination & lack of new revenue = change. Think not ? Think again.

    My dream for the end to this final home stand ?...Every fan to get up in mass, and
    leave the stadium in the first inning. Turn their backs on this patchwork quilt.
    Leave their $6 hot dogs, and $8 beers on the seats, and leave. Throw the pop corn towards the field.
    Let the cameras, and media lock into that picture! .....
    "We will not take this any longer, from a $3 billion dollar operation !" Scream it as they exit.

    Then, and only then, will you see a true Yankee team the following spring.

    Unless you all have your fingers crossed for the magic wild card...I've been spitting in the wind.

    1. If that could be organized and actually happen that would be one hell of a message to the Yankees. Add that everyone at home shut off the YES Network at the same time and the ultimate message would be sent, the team would send pamphlets home with each boy and girl in every school in New York asking what trade should be made and what free agent should be signed. Anarchy would reign supreme.

    2. In a perfect world that would work! I like perfect world living!

  7. A TRIFECTA....of bitchin' posts.........for tonight. This ends the series.

    The Mets, and the Blue Jays, took off after making corrections at the trade dead line.
    This Yankee squad stayed intacked, and have been beaten down.

    There are no excuses. I've heard them all.
    And, no one is held accountable. A shame.

    1. I give you the same question I gave Hans. Where would the Yankees upgrade at the trade deadline besides 2B? I say besides 2B because there were no huge upgrades at 2B besides Zobrist, and I'm not sure I'd call him a huge upgrade. Not offensively anyway but an upgrade nonetheless.

  8. Ok Guy's Contrary to your thoughts I am not a quitter and by making that comment shows the hypercritical thoughts you have. Another person on here left to cool off as did I and I didn't read one comment that he was a quitter.

    Second I apologized unlike others for things that I said and my negative comments were made in defense of being called a person who should be in creedmore and lived in NJ so we are all F'd up. Yes I am from NJ and proud of it and if anyone wants to continue to smack on it come see me and you will truly see what we are all about.

    Stop people having double standards for people on here it's pompous and ignorant. If you want to talk ball I am all in. If you want to say things that are moronic about me or my state then don't bother engaging me as I don't have time for your childish behavior.

    I have said all year that the following players or upper management team aren't worth crap so let me remind you.

    1. Eovaldi isn't that good and his record is reflective of an offense that scored almost 7 runs a game for him. You all no the drill, gives up way too many hits, not enough strikes for an arm that throws 98, has a high era, doesn't go deep into the game and on and on. See Aaron Small, or Brady Anderson for over performing.

    2. Didi. Can't hit and not a smart player. Right now it looks like I am wrong. Yes I can admit to that can you? Still are not sold on him but has performed against righties and lefties.

    3. Drew/ Refsnyder. I think we all can agree on this one and nothing else matters.

    4. Hal = tightwad and has cost this team the division by not allowing us to take on money. See the elf below.

    5. Elf Cashman not being able to make any trade at the deadline or before to make this team better. See Hal above for also not allowing him to take on money. Ackley which I wasn't happy about and yes again it looks like I might be wrong on it.

    6. Gardner. He's good...not great and in fact you will see that he will finish exactly where the numbers on his previous baseball card numbers say he should. Again numbers don't lie nor do baseball cards. Terrible baserunner and yes to me he is a punch and judy 250- 260 hitter.

    7. Warren, yes I believe he has performed as the number two pitcher except until late and yes he was screwed over and what some of you fail to realize is that he WAS the most consistent pitcher we had when he was banished to the pen. Severino looks like the real deal and I think can be the true ace moving Tanaka to the two slot. Pineda's consistency is his inconsistency.

    So there you have it, all the guys I spoke about above have been guys I spoke about the whole year, some I'm wrong about and most I am dead on.

    Burch for the second or third time I said the upgrade needed to happen with a bat and a starter. Don't think I said that go back and look.

    You want to talk ball then lets do it, you want to talk smack about me don't bother answering me, you want me to leave for good I will go. I'm a big boy and there are other blogs out there that I can preach the same stuff I believe in.

    Enjoy your evening guys!!

    1. Once again I am lumped together with everyone when I never called you, patrick or anyone a quitter. Thanks for that.

      For the second or third time I ask... a batter and pitcher is too generic and vague. What position? Don't think I said that go back and look. And again, besides second base since no obvious or glaring upgrades were available on July 31st.

    2. What has anyone said about you being a quitter? I said:

      "I don't think anyone was out of line with him at all! He dished it out and when it came flying back to bite him in the ass...he gave up!
      I never took him as a quitter so, I think he will be back or at the least, cool off and reappear as a more reasonable fan of the Greatest Team in the history of sports."

      Now, how was that a double standard, or a lie?
      We all have our own favorite players and also players we think are overrated! You think you have it bad, I have made it known (and stats prove it) Jeter was way overrated...but he was the face of a team that needed the All-American boy as a hero.
      I am put up with around here and that goes for you, Patrick and all the rest because we have good people running this blog and they don't care what we disagree about as long as it is with the respect of others and their ideas. That means Patrick and you both got a little carried away with the name calling...both of you took a few days off. He came back and wants to be more respectful!
      How about you?

      Stick around or not, it is your choice to make! My hope is that you decide to stay around and comment as much as you want to. Believe me when I say most of the other blogs have their clicks and the first time you cross one of them they will crucify you.

    3. Reed if we are all going to talk ball I'm in if not I will be like the high plaines drifter.

    4. Deal Ken H, although sometimes I do write of other things I will not point them your way!
      I will not get personal with you by calling you or yours names.

      I have lived by one rule my entire life; "Don't F--k with me or mine" therefore how can I treat you or anyone else any different?

      So, we have a deal, right?

  9. KEN HANS...nice to see your logo up on the big stage again.

    Were you in a essay contest ? That post went on forever....it was like reading Dr. Zhivago
    in a health clinic on Queens Blvd. I feel asleep.

    Do you mean that if I remark on where you live, that you want to beat me up ?
    I challenged another, from another site years ago, he deserved a beating, but I was the idiot.
    You are cramping poor patrick's style when you imply that.

    You are an interesting / knowledgeable poster. Who can reach even greater heights.
    But...you must be more tolerant of others, while start growing a thicker skin.

    Care for saltines ?

    1. well said patrick. Specifically the fact that you felt like an idiot for wanting to fight someone based off internet comments and that Hans is an interesting and knowledgeable poster. We all have our bad days, weeks, months whatever. At the end of the day we're all adults and we all have the same common goal in mind. We just go about it in different ways, and that's okay.

    2. I don't know Daniel, there was a guy on the old site and this one I was very upset with. He was a jerk and hassled me for about 5/6 years. One of my old pals looked him up one day (how is not my business and without my asking) I was very tempted to put a hurting on him!

    3. I think it's just because I have an uncanny ability to roll my eyes and move on that I never got to the point where I wanted to hunt someone down on the internet and do physical harm to them. Could be just me.

  10. HANS...have it your way........the need to 'talk ball' seems to your pinnacle objective.
    ( Although, I can not see you as the 'High Plains Drifter'. I corrected the spelling for you.)

    It has never been my intention to annoy you, or cause friction here. A misconception on your part.

    You want to 'talk ball' again ?.....Have at it.
    I can't 'talk ball'...not in my DNA. Talking stats, dead baseball players, and players who will
    be working for Walmart in five years........is not patrick.

    When Daniel recruited me, a while back...he said he wanted a handsome, charming, baseball savant. That's me.

    My pondering is over. I have found a middle ground, of sorts for both of us.

    I have placed you on my..No Call List....My postings,as of immediately, will not be directed at you.
    Nothing you say, or do, will be reflected in my comments. You can follow my lead, and do the same.

    'Talk ball' all you want, and never you'll never have to look over your shoulder. Only in America.
    I've given you all you desired, and more............ Enjoy life, my brother.

  11. Ya Burch and I'm the one who keeps this going. That's your choice Patrick and hopefully one day you will be able to have a baseball discussion with me you handsome devil and as always thank you for correcting my spelling. It is greatly appreciated as always

    1. once again accused of something I've never done. Thanks.

  12. Didn't accuse you of anything. Showing you that I have tried to move on from this and the assault continues

  13. Damn it, will you guys ever grow up? My god, it reads like a school kid game of "I got ya"!

    Life is too damn long or short for some, to be having a thin skin!

    Here is a novel idea, let's quit this crap and start having fun.

    Calling out everyone every time they make a remark you find objectionable is BS. When did this site become so PC as to be scrutinized for every word, phrase or innuendo that has an outside chance of offending our sensibilities!

    IF anyone wants to write a reply to something you wrote and it isn't PC...egnore it and reply back to the original point if one is to be found.

    Myself, I am trying to beat the crap out of Daniel in the game and I have no idea who is pitching!

    Shall we all make-up and forget the BS and have fun or continue "Not Having Fun"?

  14. I take offense to that Reed, I didn't give him BS back. You call it like its the both of us and you're wrong on that. I was merely pointing out to Burch that no matter what I say about taking baseball the BS continues.

    1. That's fine Ken if you say so. Me, I don't care either way. I am not the PC police and I hate anyone that is PC because THAT is PC and I didn't get shot at for over/under 40 years to have people tell me what I can and can't say.
      You may think I am being disrespectful for writing that but be assured I am the most Un-PC person around so when you take umbrage at something I write just remember I am not being disrespectful of you or anyone else.
      Ken, get a thicker skin, we have all made frustrating statements, most of the time they are not meant as personal...just frustration!

      What I am trying to say is...this is a new month, let's forget what was or wasn't said by you, Patrick, Daniel and myself and start all over again. Don't expect that we will agree with each other a lot but that is the thing that makes it fun!

      Hi Ken H, how is it going with your man Evo? He may be back in time to pitch out of the BP if we get there. What say you, good or bad? I think it will be a good thing!

    2. Reed my comments to you were said out of fact not fiction. Your sacred of one guy and have no fear of another. Just facts. Now I have been trying to move on. Don't confuse thick skin with a person who knows the difference between right and wrong. No the difference that I will always come back at you or anyone else that makes bullshit comments. Now I have said it numerous times and this will be my last. If you want to talk ball then do it. I'm not addressing this topic again whether you or Burch or Patrick think I'm wrong.

  15. Ken get it right, the whole thing about BS was directed at all of us, not any individual. I have no problem with you or anyone else around here. And as I said before let's just have fun!

    No, I have never driven anyone off any site, one did leave but left on his own!

    I am getting a bit tired of having to explain myself to you or anyone else. I am being as respectful
    as I can be and never want to mention this bickering again...ever!

    Talk about sports baseball.

  16. I MAY OF HAD AN EPIPHANY....or maybe not. I see the light.

    This site is becoming like page SIX.....of The New York Post. Kenneth, you of all people
    know this is not bickering. Its OK to back off a bit, and cut the boys some slack. The ceiling
    will hot cave in.
    Take your lovely wife out to brunch. She'll probably faint.

    The dumbest line of the week ( not from Greedy )...." the Yankess will be a dangerous
    team going into the playoffs. ....they can go on a run..."

    The danger is, is that they may kill themselves.....or, run out of the building.


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