Thursday, December 19, 2013

Funny Boston Red Sox Meme


MLB Sees Over $8 Billion In Revenues In 2013

It was a very good year for Major League Baseball and anyone's pockets who are affected by MLB as they saw over $8 billion in revenue in 2013. This will be the first time ever that the MLB has seen its revenues exceed $8 billion, so maybe historic is a better term than very good. No exact figures have been released just yet, if they ever are, but the estimated total is somewhere between $8 billion - $8.5 billion.

Just as an FYI the estimated total from the 2012 season was somewhere above the $7.5 billion mark. Attendance is flat and steady but the rising number of television channels and markets are really driving up the worth of all teams in the MLB.

There is already speculation that this steady climb could see MLB finishing the 2014 season in the $8.5 billion - $9 billion mark. The league will see revenues double for new broadcast deals with FOX, ESPN, and TBS that will add $788.3 million a year to the league.

Let this sink in, love or hate Bud Selig, the overall revenue for the MLB in 1995 after the strike was $1.4 billion. Selig may have caused the strike, Selig may be on a witch hunt for Alex Rodriguez, and Bud may be a douche bag but with no work stoppages since 1994 he has overseen MLB growing a staggering 264% in 18 years.

Beltran Officially In, Marshall Officially Out

The signing of Carlos Beltran is finally official, which means somebody had to be removed from the 40-man roster to make room for Carlos. That mean is...

It's me! Brett Marshall!

Brett's MLB debut didn't go too well, as he gave up five earned runs, thanks to five walks and nine hits (two of them home runs), in 5.2 innings to the Seattle Mariners. He did go on to have two good relief appearances, but that wasn't enough for the Yankees to hold onto him over guys like David Huff or Vernon Wells.

There's a chance Marshall clears waivers, so his career in pinstripes may not be over with.

A Look At Brian Roberts BIP Numbers From 2013

I have sort of gotten into the habit of looking at BIP locations on players that we sign to see if their numbers will be helped by hitting in Yankee Stadium and Brian Roberts is no different. Today we look at Robert's BIP's and see that he may very well be helped by Yankee Stadiums dimensions. Keep in mind that this is done on a computer and things like elevation, wind, fan interference, etc. are not factored into these equations. That is why anything that goes to the warning track or a little before I consider as a ball that could either way in the stadium that The Boss built. On to the fancy picture:

I left out the home runs on this diagram because all the home runs that left Oriole Park in Camden Yards would have left Yankee Stadium by a long way. I instead focused on doubles, seen in light blue, and fly outs, seen in orange. As you can see, again factoring in some wind, luck, etc. Roberts could have seen as many as seven more home runs than his 2013 numbers ended up being. We all know that all of this is a moot point if Roberts cannot stay on the field but here it is in black and white, and blue and orange. 

Another New York Yankees & Robinson Cano Meme

Is this guy serious? Surely not right? I mean surely...

Masahiro Tanaka Will NOT Be Posted Afterall

After going back and forth for what seems like forever the Masahiro Tanaka decision is in and he will not be posted. Peter Gammons and Ken Rosenthal have both confirmed via tweets the disappointing news for the Yankees. Now what?

New York Yankees, Robinson Cano, & Geico Meme

Here is a quick meme to get you guys going this Thursday morning. Enjoy and have a great day!

This Day In New York Yankees History 12/19

On this day in 2002 the New York Yankees signed 28 year old outfielder Hideki Matsui to a three year deal worth $21 million. Matsui is coming off a season in Japan where he posted a .334 with 50 home runs and 107 RBI's. Godzilla is a three time Japanese League MVP and turned down the Yomiuri Giants four year deal worth $33 million.

On this day in 2006, in an absolute knee jerk reaction to the Daisuke Matsuzaka signing with the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees signed Kei Igawa. The posting fee was $26 million and Igawa would sign a five year deal worth $20 million to become AAA's all time wins leader in the Yankees system. The Yankees later admitted to not even knowing what pitches Igawa threw at the time of the signing. Live and learn.