Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello... I'm Still Alive

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, this is Daniel Burch coming to you from the greatness that is the world wide web. If it feels like it has been a week since we last spoke there is probably a good reason for it, because it has almost been a week to the day. Life is busy, work is busy, and there just isn't enough time in the day.

Also, I have been writing a book for the last seven months or so and I was finally able to put the finishing touches on it during this week. I got a lot accomplished this week, stuff that was in the cards for months or years in the making... and I am excited for what tomorrow and for what forever may bring. They never said it would be easy, that was maybe the only honest thing to ever come out of the world, but I just hope that they were right when they said it would be worth it. I think it will be, but some days it is just harder to see than others I guess. That's life, and that's perfectly normal though.

The book is done, and it is on Amazon available for purchase. I will leave a link, but there is obviously no obligation to buy it whatsoever. I may put a few teaser chapters here on the blog as well, you never can tell what I am going to do. Either way, enjoy. I hope everyone has a great weekend.