Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Robertson Just Using Astros For Leverage, People Familiar With Team Claim

It's been known for weeks the Astros have been talking to Free Agent closer David Robertson, but now it appears Robertson wasn't really listening to them.

Instead, it seems, Robertson was just using them for leverage against the Yankees, who have stated numerous times this offseason they're not interested in giving him the four-year deal he wants. The Astros were first said to have contacted Robertson back on November 22, and have been pursuing him ever since.

Houston may have even gone as far as to offer Roberton a three-year/$39 million deal earlier this week, something an anomyous team reportedly did Sunday.

“They think he is using the [Astros] for leverage,’’ a person familiar with the Astros told The New York Post's George King Tuesday, in a potential confirming of the rumor.
And that person wasn't the only one to say so.
Indeed, it's not looking great right now for those who are hoping to see Robertson head to Space City this winter. The Astros are currently attempting to stock up on relievers after recording baseball's highest bullpen ERA in 2014, so being out on Robertson this soon certainly can't help them.
“It sure sounds like it was for leverage,’’ another source said. “He doesn’t fit with the Astros."
In recent days, the Yankees have been openly trying to acquire former Orioles set-up man Andrew Miller, who is said to be asking for much less than Robertson. If Robertson walks and Miller winds up in pinstripes, it's likely the latter will keep pitching eighth innings while Dellin Betances throws ninths, giving the Yankees a solid back end.
Then again, if Robertson's strategy here doesn't make the Yankees budge, it's a safe bet he'll end up just lowering his price tag, a happening that'd probably bring New York back into the picture, anyway.

Yankees Offer "Blow Competition Out of the Water" Type Deal to Lester

Take it with a grain of salt, especially lately where not well known people and insiders are reporting "deals" on Twitter daily that never come true but here we go again. Thoughts?

Nick Markakis Could Lead to Selling High on Brett Gardner

News broke earlier in the week on Twitter from Dave Gershman, former writer and scout, that the New York Yankees were in serious discussions with Nick Markakis on possibly a five year deal. It doesn’t seem very likely that the Yankees would add another left handed lead off type hitter into their outfield or a fifth outfielder all together but it’s the offseason so let’s have some fun and roll with it. Let’s say the reports are true and Markakis will leave the Orioles and become a Yankee, would this lead to the Yankees selling high on Brett Gardner and trading him for some infield help?

As I mentioned earlier the Yankees would have five outfielders if they signed Markakis including Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and Chris Young. Now while it’s not out of the realm of possibility for New York to carry five outfielders, they did so for most of 2014, Alex Rodriguez being on the books really complicates things for the team. If the Yankees signed Markakis they would have two options, one more likely than the other, they could DH Beltran and make A Rod a $22 million bench player or they could trade Brett Gardner for some infield help, say Troy Tulowitzki for example, and play Markakis in left field.

This is interesting because, without comparing the two or daring to give Yankees GM Brian Cashman that much credit, this seems to be lining up (again, if true) to be a Billy Beane type trade for New York. Beane is known for shocking the world and trading a Josh Donaldson with four years of team control for prospects only to later flip those prospects for a Justin Upton for example. Could Cashman sign Markakis knowing once the ink was dry that he could flip Gardner for Starlin Castro or Tulowitzki or is this all just wishful thinking on my part?

Stay tuned to find out…..

Don't Fret, Alex Rodriguez Isn't THAT Overpaid Anymore

Alex Rodriguez is overpaid that is the understatement of the century, especially when trying to consider the production you will get for your $22 million in 2015, but the good news is the Yankees thought ahead. A Rod's deal was heavily front loaded leaving him getting paid around $10 million less in 2015 then he was at the peak of the contract (with incentives and such). With all the money coming into the game right now 17 players are making more or the same as Rodriguez in 2015 so don't fret Yankees fans, it could be worse.

  1. Clayton Kershaw - $32,571,428
  2. Justin Verlander - $28 million
  3. Josh Hamilton - $25.4 million
  4. Cliff Lee - $25 million
  5. Ryan Howard - $25 million
  6. Zack Greinke - $25 million
  7. Felix Hernandez - $24,857,142
  8. Albert Pujols - $24 million
  9. Prince Fielder - $24 million
  10. Robinson Cano - $24 million
  11. Cole Hamels - $23.5 million
  12. Mark Teixeira - $23.125 million
  13. CC Sabathia - $23 million
  14. Joe Mauer - $23 million
  15. Miguel Cabrera - $22 million
  16. Jose Reyes - $22 million
  17. Masahiro Tanaka - $22 million
  18. Alex Rodriguez  - $22 million
It sucks to be the Philadelphia Phillies right now with Lee, Howard and Hamels eating up that much salary especially with two of them coming off injuries or under performing seasons. The Yankees have four that made the list including Rodriguez so I guess it sucks to be us too. 

Dale Scott is Gay and I Don’t Care

Major League Baseball is still waiting for its first player to admit that they are gay but they have their first umpire to come out openly and his name is Dale Scott. Scott has been a major league umpire for the past 29 years and did an interview with Referee Magazine which showcased a picture of him and his longtime partner and now same-sex domestic partner. Scott married his husband Michael Rausch last November, has him on his insurance policy and has him his own MLB identification.

My question is, and I guess this could quickly turn into a rant, is who the hell cares? Not that I have a problem with him coming out, announcing it and being proud of it because I don’t. I do have a problem with the fact that we as a society have to label everything. Everything has to be “outed” and we have to be separated and segregated even though we’re all people. Me personally I couldn’t care less if you’re black, Hispanic, white, Asian, or purple but maybe it’s just me.

Scott is gay, so what? Let’s not forget the fact that he has been a crew chief for 12 seasons, worked three World Series, worked the National League Division Series and is generally thought of as a great guy and a great umpire around the league. The world needs to stop labeling one another, that’s the only way we are all going to be truly equal. /rant

TGP Daily Poll: Yankees Will Sign Nick Markakis

News broke earlier in the week, from a credible source or not remains to be determined, that the Yankees were in serious discussions with former orioles outfielder Nick Markakis. What the heck, I predict we’ll sign him even though we don’t need him.

More on that later but until then vote in our poll!!

This Day in New York Yankees History 12/3: Brian McCann & Jacoby Ellsbury

On this day in 2013 the New York Yankees signed Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven year deal worth $153 million. The team also made the Brian McCann signing official by signing the catcher to the richest contract ever for a catcher with a five year deal worth $85 million. 

Also on this day in 2013 the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame inducted three more members by the pre-integration panel. The list includes former Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert, longtime umpire Hank O'Day, and Deacon White who made his debut as a barehanded catcher in 1871. These three would bring the total of players in the hall to an even 300 members.