Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why Aren't the Yankees Pursuing Lester?

Why aren't the Yankees pursuing Jon Lester?

He seems to be the physical embodiment of everything they want: proven in the AL East, a postseason star, and relatively young. Yet Brian Cashman insists the team look within when it comes to building their 2015 squad, one that's currently stuck with an injury-riddled, inexperienced rotation. 

So, why is it they don't want to sign Lester? He'd help them out a lot, and here's a few reasons to prove it.

1. He'd Make the Rotation Respectable:
We all know Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda are reliable, but besides them, who else do the Yankees have? CC Sabathia's on the decline, David Phelps has never started for a full season, and Ivan Nova will be out until May. Maybe if Shane Greene was still with them, they could handle such issues, but since he's obviously not anymore, another hurler or two is clearly necessary. Brandon McCarthy is a good one, but just him is not enough. This club needs a true ace.

2. He's Left-Handed:
Don't underestimate the importance of lefties when it comes to contending in the American League. They force opponents to alter lineups and are much harder to find than right-handers. Since 2009, only Sabathia and Andy Pettitte have been regular starters for the Yankees - Chris Capuano and Vidal Nuno were fill-ins - and it's well known they've been pretty successful. 

3. He Wouldn't Be on the Red Sox:
As blatant as this point is, it's definitely a notable one. Lester went 111-63 with a 3.64 ERA with the Red Sox from 2006-2014, and now it appears Boston's interested in bringing him back. Needless to say, the Yankees don't want that to happen, and probably wouldn't mind getting the 200 innings a year Lester usually records, either.

Bottom line: inking Lester would be somewhat risky and undeniably expensive for the Yankees, but nonetheless, they have to do so. It's not often they get a chance to take a valuable contributor from a rival like the one they have now, and they simply can't pass it up in exchange for prospect development.

Catching Up on Day Two of the Winter Meetings 2014

Baseball Prospectus Release Yankees Top 10 Prospects

Baseball Prospectus released their Top 10 Yankees prospects list so here's the list HERE with write ups and such. If you're lazy or don't want to leave the blog, and who could blame you, see below for the list.

  1. OF Aaron Judge
  2. RHP Luis Severino
  3. Gary Sanchez
  4. LHP Ian Clarkin
  5. SS Jorge Mateo
  6. 2B/OF Rob Refsnyder
  7. 1B Greg Bird
  8. CF Leonardo Molina
  9. LHP Jacob Lindgren
  10. Luis Torrens

Dian Toscano, Why Were the Yankees Not Interested?

Rather than try and legally plagiarize MLB Trade Rumors I will simply copy and paste a short except from their article today concerning the Atlanta Braves chase for Cuban defecting outfield Dian Toscano. When I read this the first question that came to mind is why are the Yankees not at least doing their due diligence?

He is exempt from International signing limitations and sounds like the kind of guy the Yankees want around. Maybe the team doesn't want to force another outfield logjam like the team had in 2014? Who knows.

The deal has been completed since the original tweet just as an FYI, on to that excerpt:

Not much is known about Toscano since he did not play for the Cuban National team. He played left field for the Villa Clara club and hit .356/.400/.452 in 86 plate appearances during the 2012 campaign – his last with the team. Badler adds that Toscano possess the necessary speed for center field, but he typically plays left field due to suspect arm strength. A left-handed hitter, he features good bat control and strike zone awareness.

Yankees Will Sign Headley Write it Down

The New York Yankees will sign Chase Headley, write it down, take a picture I don't give.. well yeah if you've seen the movie you know the rest. Headley is essentially the third base equivalent of Andrew Miller as both players have expressed an interest in wanting to be a Yankee. Miller acknowledged turning down a four year deal with a fifth year option for a higher AAV with Houston to be a Yankee and I can see the same thing happening with Headley. Headley has even went as far as to name the Yankees as his "top choice" to sign with this winter so most of us are sticking here wondering what's the hold up?

Well the hold up is this mystery team that has offered Headley that huge deal worth $65 million while the Yankees were seemingly unwilling to go past three years for their incumbent third baseman. Then Andrew Marchand reported that New York was willing to give Headley the fourth year if it mean't keeping the AAV down. Sounds a lot like what they told Miller the night before they signed him.

Brian Cashman knows the Yankees need Headley and are a much better team with the third baseman and he will get the deal done, maybe even today, just remember where you heard it first when it happens.

My Thoughts on the Winter Meetings

Just a few random thoughts on Day One of the Winter Meetings as I think out loud a little bit.

  • The Chicago White Sox are in on David Robertson and that worries me. The team has right around $68 million in committed money in 2015 and have the revenue to go well above that. Not to mention the team looks ready to add veteran pieces to their young core to aid in the rebuilding. I fear Chicago more than I do the Houston Astros or the Detroit Tigers.

  • Earlier in the offseason I mentioned bringing Jason Hammel in as either a 5th starter candidate or a backup plan to Brandon McCarthy if he didn’t sign. Hammel signed a two year deal worth a $9 million AAV with the Chicago Cubs after the club traded him to Oakland this July. Maybe he asked for a no trade clause this time around.

  • Why in the world does San Diego want to acquire an outfielder so bad and why does it have to be Matt Kemp? I understand the “addition by subtraction” from the Dodgers but does he really help? Are the Padres that close to winning that they would reach for an injury plagued player with five years and in excess of $100 million left on the books?

  • Speaking of the Padres the team has also floated a Ian Kennedy for Yoenis Cespedes trade with the Boston Red Sox and Ben Cherington is at least considering it. The Sox think they can get a better pitcher than Kennedy for Cespedes, and I agree with that line of thinking, but the deal does make some sense for both teams. It’s the classic my strong suite and depth for yours kind of trade.

  • The New York Yankees did not sign anyone significant today, fire Brian Cashman. That is all. 

TGP Daily Poll: Yankees Will Bring Back Brandon McCarthy

I see a string of the “second tier” starting pitchers and free agents starting to come off the board after Jason Hammel signed a two year deal with the Chicago Cubs for $18 million. I believe this will lead to the Yankees bringing back Brandon McCarthy during the Winter Meetings this week.

Vote in our poll and follow @BMcCarthy32

David Robertson Signs w/ Chicago White Sox

More when I can but a quick blurb, David Robertson is gone.

Mets Sign Curtis Granderson Away From Yankees On This Day in 2013

It was on this day in 2013 that the New York Mets signed center fielder Curtis Granderson away from the New York Yankees on a four year deal worth $60 million. The Greedy Pinstripes heard it first and reported it first and of course did not get any of the credit but you know, that's fine. Anyway let's take a look at Granderson's Mets introduction press conference just because.

This Day in New York Yankees History 12/9: Andy Pettitte Returns, Again

On this day in 2009 Yankees starting pitcher Andy Pettitte receives a one year deal worth $11.75 million to return for one more season. This is fresh off of winning all three clinching games in the playoffs including the World Series at age 37. Pettitte finished with a 4-0 record in five postseason starts against the Phillies, Twins, and Angels.

Also on this day in 2008 Tony Kubek would become the first person to ever receive the Ford C. Frick Award which honors broadcast members in the Hall of Fame. The former Yankee and Blue Jays broadcast personality has not watched a single game on television since he signed off in 1994.

Finally on this day in 1988 the New York Yankees signed a twelve year television deal with the Madison Square Garden television network. The Yankees would stay with the MSG network until 2002 when they would start their own network, the YES Network. This move is generally accredited with starting the trend of getting more games on regional sports networks.