Sunday, August 31, 2014

Will Those On The Farm Get a Shot

I hope these signings are only for the year, because it makes no sense whatsoever! We have a plethora of lefty BP pitchers just knocking DOWN the door for a chance to play next year. For once I would love to see the Yankees use the head on their shoulders for more than a hat rack.

I can understand them doing this (as you pointed out before) for the contract control situation. So I am hoping the guys on the farm...40 man or not, get a fair shot at making the team next year.

As most know, I am a proponent of the home grown talent first, with that in mind I think the GM of this team should make a case for NOT signing any player to more than a 5 year contract if over 30 years old.

A caveat, if I may, depending on the position said player plays and what we have down on the farm.

Example: Melky and Jackson were traded at a young age for reasons other than talent but, this trade for a two year rental has been going on for years. It MUST stop. Why would a big time talent with a chance to go to college want to sign with the Yankees knowing he may never play no matter how he did on the farm until he is in his mid to late 20's.

We have players on the Farm right now that may be able to help the team this year, and maybe not. I have no problem with (at this late date) holding them over for next years spring training...but I don't want them to be left behind because of the contract given to an over the hill player. Some players take a while to adjust to the speed of the majors, and get sent back down, only to come back latter because they finally figured it out. Hell, Mickey was sent back down, he came back and look what he did.

McCarthy Collapses Late as Blue Jays Beat Yankees Again

Brett Gardner homered and scored on a triple-preceded error and Francisco Cervelli contributed with a clutch RBI Single, but due to a late collapse by the seemingly-fine Brandon McCarthy the Yankees disappointingly fell to the Blue Jays today, 4-3, in the rubber game of a three-game set. 

For the Yanks, in spite of the fact that the last seven days included two blowouts and a comeback, the surprising loss dropped their record on this road trip to 3-4, with two of those defeats happening with McCarthy on the mound.

No, that doesn't necessarily mean that the veteran was bad in this afternoon's contest, but since he did suddenly surrender back to back home runs to Melky Cabrera and Jose Bautista with two outs in the bottom of the sixth before giving up another pair in the next frame he was unfortunately charged with a loss, his fourteenth of the season. 

Again, McCarthy wasn't terrible in this one, but considering the fact he had a comfortable 3-0 advantage prior to falling apart and the offense didn't cross home in their last two at-bats this disaster is likely his fault, as things were going incredibly smooth for him before Cabrera's long ball.

Yankees Acquire Chaz Roe From Miami For Cash

The New York Yankees have acquired Chaz Roe from the Miami Marlins for cash considerations before the August 31 trading deadline came and went. Roe is expected to be with the Yankees on Tuesday when they host the Boston Red Sox as rosters expand to 40 man rosters tomorrow. The Yankees will obviously have to make a 40 man roster move to accommodate Roe but New York has a few players that could be designated for assignment or transferred to the 60 day DL so the move shouldn't be an issue.

Roe is 27 years old and has posted a 3.66 ERA in Triple-A this season while striking out 10.13 K/9 in 64 IP in 2014. Roe spent time with the Arizona Diamondbacks major league club in 2013 and posted a 4.03 ERA in 22.1 innings.

This is going to further complicate the Yankees 40 man roster problems this season and next and will likely mean one other prospect that is currently in the Yankees system, Jacob Lindgren for example, will likely not be coming up. It's the Yankees way, bring in veterans and everyone elses trash and leave our deserving players in Triple-A. Disgusted, whatever.

8/31 Yankees Open Game Thread vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Welcome to the final open thread we will see and the final game we will see in the month of August for the 2014 season. This also marks the final time that Derek Jeter will play in Toronto and the final time the Yankees will likely play in Toronto this season. The Yankees will send Brandon McCarthy to the mound looking to keep the team hot while the Blue Jays will counter with JA Happ. The game will be played at 1:07 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

Get your tickets right here on the blog for the home stand next week or Derek Jeter Day next Sunday at Yankee Stadium. Also be sure to follow the blog on Twitter by following @GreedyStripes and like our page on Facebook by searching for The Greedy Pinstripes.

It's an open thread so chat during the game in the comments section or on one of the many social media sites that we use to interact with us during the game. Enjoy the game and enjoy what's left of your weekend Yankees family. Go Yankees!

The Case For Why the Yankees Will Still Make the Playoffs

Throughout all the letdowns and bad stretches this season, I've always been one to keep alive the idea that the Yankees will still make the playoffs.

Yes, at times lately doing so seems pretty dumb, but when it comes down to simple probability it really isn't.

In this post, I won't defend the Yankees' bad year, but I will give you four reasons why they will probably still get to the one-game playoff. None of them are guarantees, obviously, but as I'll say over-and-over again they are in fact likely.

1. The Tigers will likely win 18 of their last 27:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 at White Sox, 4 at Indians, 3 vs. Giants, 3 vs. Royals, 3 vs. Indians, 3 at Twins, 3 at Royals, 3 vs White Sox, 4 vs. Twins

Big Series: The ones against the Royals

How they can do it: Win today, split in Cleveland, beat Giants 2/3, beat Royals 2/3, beat Indians 2/3, beat Twins 2/3, win 2/3 in KC, beat White Sox 2/3, beat Twins 3/4

Question Marks: Winning 2/3 at Kauffman won't be easy, but considering the Royals have struggled at home over the last week I'd say it's definitely doable.

2. The Royals will likely lose 14 of their last 27:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 vs. Indians, 3 vs. Rangers, 3 at Yankees, 3 at Tigers, 4 vs. Red Sox, 3 vs. White Sox, 3 vs. Tigers, 3 at Indians, 4 at White Sox

Big Series: Tigers ones, Indians ones

How they can do it: Win today, lose 1/3 to Rangers, lose 2/3 to Yankees, lose 2/3 to Tigers, split with Red Sox, lose 1/3 to White Sox, lose 2/3 to Indians, split with White Sox

Question Marks: The Red Sox are a team with a lot of offense, but will their pitching be good enough to take 2/4? Same goes for the Indians and White Sox in their turns.

3. The Mariners will likely lose 14 of their last 28:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 vs. Nationals, 3 at A's, 4 at Rangers, 3 vs. Astros, 3 vs. A's, 4 at Angels, 3 at Astros, 4 at Blue Jays, 3 vs. Angels

Big Series: Divisional ones

How they can do it: win today, lose 2/3 to A's, split with Rangers, beat Astros 2/3, lose 2/3 to A's, split with Angels, beat Astros 2/3, split with Blue Jays, lose 2/3 to Angels

Question Marks: The Blue Jays contributing could be tough, but they're good at home, right?

4. The Yankees will likely win 17 of their last 28:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 at Blue Jays, 3 vs. Red Sox, 3 vs. Royals, 3 vs. Rays, 4 at Orioles, 3 at Rays, 4 vs. Blue Jays, 4 vs. Orioles, 3 at Red Sox

Big Series: Royals, Rays, Orioles, Blue Jays

How they can do it: win today, beat Red Sox 2/3, beat Royals 2/3, beat Rays 2/3, split with Orioles, beat Rays 2/3, split with Blue Jays, split with Orioles, beat Red Sox 2/3

Question Marks: How good are the Rays really? Are the Orioles dominant enough at home to take 3/4?

So yeah, that's my argument. If it comes to fruition the Yankees will take the second wild card spot and the Tigers the AL Central. Please leave your comments below on how accurate you think it is.

8/31 Yankees Game Preview vs. Toronto Blue Jays

The New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays will play in the finale of their three game set in Rogers Centre this week on the final day of August Baseball. The Yankees have played well against the Blue Jays this series and have played well in the past few weeks as the team continues its run towards the postseason. Today the Yankees will send Brandon McCarthy to the mound to face off with the Blue Jays JA Happ. The game will be played at 1:07 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN.

McCarthy has maybe his worst start in a Yankees uniform last time out but still kept the team in the game against the Detroit Tigers. McCarthy allowed five runs and nine hits in 6.1 innings as he took his third loss in a Yankees uniform. McCarthy is now 5-3 with a 2.47 ERA with the Yankees since being acquired from the Arizona Diamondbacks on July 8.

Happ is coming off a start in which he allowed three runs over six innings against the Boston Red Sox last time out. All three runs came in the fifth inning and came off home runs by Dustin Pedroia and rookie Mookie Betts.

The Yankees return home on Tuesday to host the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium so act now and get your Yankees tickets right here on the blog. Also we are less than a week away from Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium so be sure to grab some tickets to that as well if you possibly can. BUY NOW. 

Go Yankees!!

Quick Hit: Ellsbury Likely Out Today As Well

Jacoby Ellsbury injured his ankle sliding into home during the Yankees victory on Friday night over the Toronto Blue Jays. Ellsbury was sent for tests on the left ankle and all the tests came back negative thankfully for Ellsbury and the Yankees. Ellsbury has been seen walking around in the clubhouse ever since with a limp although he did play the bottom of the ninth in center field after the injury so it must be not serious.

This is pure speculation on my part but I don't believe that Ellsbury will be in the lineup this afternoon in the finale with Toronto. Ellsbury has played a ton this season and with it being this late in the season I can see the Yankees and Joe Girardi being overly cautious with Ellsbury. With the Yankees off tomorrow and traveling home to Yankee Stadium on Tuesday I could see Girardi giving Ellsbury one more day plus the off day to hopefully completely knock out the problem.

The Yankees need Ellsbury in that lineup in the worst way if the team is serious about making the postseason this year so let's all hold our collective breathes and hope that Ellsbury and his ankle are okay. If not, the season is likely over.

Luis Severino's Breakout 2014 Season Is Over

Luis Severino's breakout 2014 season has come to a close and it was a pretty good season for the young right hander. Severino spent time with the Class A Charleston Riverdogs, High A Tampa Yankees, and Double-A Trenton Thunder and impressed at every stop in the Yankees system. Check out his stats on this early Sunday morning.

Severino has appeared in 24 games all as a starting pitcher and threw 113.1 IP. Severino pitched to a 2.46 ERA with a 1.059 WHIP. Severino struck out 127 batters and only walked 2.1 batters per nine while striking out 10.1 batters per nine.

Severino may have leapfrogged a whole lot of players on the organizational prospects lists after a season like this and may ultimately be the Yankees best prospect when the season is all said and done. Great news and a great future for Severino and the Yankees.

This Day In New York Yankees History 8/31: Indians 22 Yankees 0

The New York Yankees have had a very storied history including a ton of blowouts on both sides of the ball but none bigger than the whooping the Cleveland Indians put on the New York Yankees on this day in 2004. This actually tied the largest shutout margin in the history of Major League Baseball, but set the record in Yankees history, when the Indians beat the Yankees 22-0 in Yankee Stadium. The Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Chicago Cubs by the same margin way back in 1975 at Wrigley Field to set the original record.

Also on this day in Yankees getting clobbered history Omar Vizquel had six hits in that same 2004 game. Vizquel would become the first player in the 81 year history of Yankee Stadium to get six hits in one game.

Finally on this day in 1997 Don Mattingly Day was held at Yankee Stadium where his #23 jersey was retired in Monument Park. Mattingly was the Yankees captain from 1991 to 1995 and becomes the first Yankee to have his uniform number retired without reaching the World Series.