Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gardner Seen Running Bases & Bunting Today

Brett Gardner was seen before the Yankees and Rays game practicing bunting and running for the first time since his elbow surgery "ended" his season. Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess as now Joe Girardi is once again hinting at and thinking about using Gardner as a late game pinch runner or specialist. With the 40 man roster we should not have a problem replacing him if he is needed in the field, where surely he cannot throw or needs to come to bat, but that will not be a luxury we have if we make it to the post season. Since Gardner is on the 60 day DL he will need to be activated and the Yankees will need to remove someone from the 40 man to make room for him, Derek Lowe anyone, so we will be watching this development closely.

Rays @ Yankees 9/15/12


Curtis Granderson hits a two run home run to put the Yankees up 2-0 early. 
Eduardo Nunez makes it back to back and 3-0 Yanks
Derek Jeter gets an rbi single tom make it 4-0 Yanks
ARod rbi single gives the Yanks some breathing room at 5-3 Yanks
#untuck Yankees win 5-3

The Yankees play the dreaded Fox Saturday afternoon game this afternoon, which for some reason they have not done all that well in, against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees will welcome back Ivan Nova off the DL and to the rotation against Rays starter James Shields. The game will be televised at 4:05 pm ET on FOX.


1. Ichiro LF
2. Jeter DH
3. Cano 2B
4. A-Rod 3B
5. Ibanez RF
6. Swisher 1B
7. Granderson CF
8. Nunez SS

9. Stewart C 

Go Yankees!!

This Day In Yankees History : 9/15/12

In an EXTREMELY slow day in Yankees history all that I can remember is that day in 2010 when Derek Jeter pretended to get hit by a pitch, something no other MLB player has ever done, knowing that the Chad Qualls pitch hit off the knob of the bat. The umpires awarded Jeter first base and after the game Jeter admitted to faking it to reach base. This sparked a national debate on ethics and the image of Derek Jeter.

David Aardsma Perfect In Latest Rehab

David Aardsma threw a scoreless and perfect inning last night for the Trenton Thunder, easily the best he has looked since his road to recovery began. This inning helped the Thunder win their first game and keep them from elimination against a tough Akron team. David topped out at 90 mph and threw 12 pitches, 8 of which were strikes. 

Ivan Nova Appreciation Post

Because there is ZERO way you can be worse then what Freddy Garcia has been giving us. Welcome back to the big leagues, to the Yankees, and to the starting rotation Ivan. Go out there and bring us first place! I have faith in Nova! This is a fresh start because nobody will remember the last month or two if you go out and dominate the rest of this year and into the playoffs.