Monday, September 10, 2018

What is the Issue? 

What is the real issue? 

The Yankees are 89-54 and tied for the 2nd best record in the majors. Yes we trail Boston by 9 games. Yes there has been some blown games, under preforming, and questionable decisions. Could we be better? Of course we can if a few things bounced a little differently we would still be in the race for the division. However how many times can lose players of Sanchez, Judge, and Didi’s caliber and still boast the 2nd best record in the sport? The answer very few. All in all this has been a great season for the Yanks. I know we are expected to be better, but how much better can you be? The Bombers did have a stacked lineup, the best pen in baseball, and a deep farm system. The only real issue going into the season was the questionable rotation. Then Jordan Montgomery went down, and really to be honest the Yanks didn’t miss a beat. At the trade deadline the added JA Happ who has been awesome with the exception of one start.  So again I must ask what is the issue? I mean don’t get me wrong there is a few issue going on with a few of the players. Greg Bird is not hitting consistently, Severino has been off since the All Star Game, Sanchez has not been himself at the plate and having his miscues behind the plate. Again thou I must state the Bombers are 89-54 good for the 2nd best record in the Majors.The point I’m trying to make is the fans need to relax. I am hearing and reading all sort of chatter about Marlins catcher J .T. Realmuto and a possible trade evolving Gray Sanchez. 

I’m hearing all sort of other players the Yankees should target and trade Sanchez for or move him to 1st base. Now we do need to improve certain areas of the team there is always need for improvement. However we don’t need any type of over haul or big in house changes. I know I have been in the front of the line for signing both Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, however we will put aside Harper for the moment. The thinking here is we need to close the gap with the Red Sox and win the division. With that in mind here are my thoughts. Remember fans there is no need to panic but just make a couple additions. 

Starting Pitching is the major area the team needs to improve. Luckily the answers i this problem is in one case a free agent and in the second and third cases already in house.   

Sevy has seen his ups and downs but I have no problem with him as the ace of this staff. Masahiro Tanaka is a solid number 3. Which leads to openings at 2, 4, and 5. I now present case number one........... Patrick Corbin. Corbin who I have always liked has turned a corner this year stayed healthily and has become a dependable starter every 5th day. Corbin would slide right into the 2 spot in the Yanks rotation. Even more awesome he has already stated to friends, and family he would love to be a Yankee. The 4th spot is actually also a free agent at years end but is already in house .....JA Happ. Happ as been excellent since coming over in the trade with the Blue Jays and surprise surprise he has stated he would like to resign with the Bombers next season. Now with spots 1-4 filled and not lookin too shabby we look at spot 5. The answers here may also be right in house. Yes I said answers because there is more the one and always should be talking about a 5th starter. With Justus Sheffield knocking on the door, Jordan Montgomery coming back from injury, Jonathan Loaisiga, and a slew of other youngsters down on the farm we will be good to go when it comes to a 5th starter.  

Now as far as the lineup goes we have one of the best offenses in the game. We do need a 1st baseman that will hit more Consistently but outside of that, the only real need is a better defensive 3rd baseman. The answer there is another guy who is a free agent and has not hid his desire to be wearing the Pinstripes. Yes I’m talking Manny Machado. Singing Manny and having him take over at 3rd would be a big boast on both sides of the ball. MIQUEL Andjuar would then be able to slide over to 1st base and or maybe see time in LF so they don’t totally waste his arm. Any fan complaining of a line up that could look like this should be crazy. 1. Hicks 2. Judge 3. Stanton 4. Didi 5. Machado 6. Sanchez 7. Andjuar 8. Torres 9. Gardner or TBD. Now again that is just putting Harper aside and most likely picking up the option on Gardner’s contract. The Yankees would be awesome again and be in the running for the AL East crown. Now I would get greed myself and add Harper which would balance out the lineup even more and add a needed left handed bat. Plus how good does this guy look wearing the pinstripes....Can you imagine a lineup of Hicks, Judge, Stanton, Harper, Machado, Sanchez, Didi, Andjuar, and Torres. Wow however even without Harper I am still saying Wow. Point is the Yankees are no where near panic mode. The Fans need to stop beating the drum of trading Sanchez or moving him to 1st base. The fans need to stop panicking because the Yankees are 9 games back of the Red Sox. We have the SECOND best record in the game and would be in 1st place of any other division in the game. Sit back watch and enjoy the team we have and like last year TRUST THE PROCESS!!! 

Let’s G⚾️ Yankees! 

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