Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why, oh Why do we pick on A-Rod?

I, as one who has been very harsh on A-Rod, asks a question of all you A-Rod Haters out there. Other than he cheated on his GOD given talents, what has he done wrong?
Other than one player, the manager and GM of the Yankees, all his team mates liked him and have said so many times. He works harder than most other players and took Cano under his wing when he and Melkey were out partying too
much, they both tried to keep up with A-Rods work outs and gave it up quickly.
Most fans hate him because they believe everything they have read about him.
Another question; When did this hate A-Rod get started for the fans.
Answer; When he came to the Yankees! Why! Because he told the truth in a sports magazine, when asked about one of our top players and also said he wanted to be the highest paid player in the sport. Now, last I heard, he has the right to his opinion.
I have read many articles about Roger C, a great pitcher, but why does he get a pass and not A-Rod? Roger lied to the grand jury and congress (all big time jail time offences) and got away with it...and it was proven and known he had been using for much longer than A-Rod.

I will never forgive him for doing what he did to his God given talents...never. But, the bottom line is, he is a Yankee and should be treated as any other Yankee. 

Ex-Yanks OF Ichiro Wants to Play in 2015

Former Yankees' Speedster Ichiro Suzuki wants to play next season.

He revealed so during a recent interview on MLB Network's Studio 42 with Bob Costas. Ichiro, 41, was traded to the Yankees in July of 2012, and has hit .281 with 13 home runs and 84 RBI for them since then.
“I have every intention of playing in the Major Leagues next year,” Ichiro said, via The Journal News. “Where will that be? I cannot tell you because baseball is not an individual sport and so it’s not just up to my feeling that I want to play."
That's certainly true, but nonetheless, it's a safe bet Ichiro's days in New York are over. The Yankees just signed Chris Young to a new one-year deal yesterday, basically solidifying his role as their 2015 fourth outfielder.
"Somebody has to feel that they want to give me the opportunity to play," Ichiro said. "But I have
every intention of playing.”
Unfortunately for him, though, no teams have openly expressed interest yet. However, sources such as CBS New York and Sodo Mojo have suggested the Mets and Mariners as possible destinations, with CBS arguing that his prescence would help the club's younger guys.

YES Network: Interview w/ Robert Refsnyder

Here is the interview from the YES Network as the guys went one-on-one with Yankees prospect Robert Refsnyder. Enjoy, I know I did. This kid seems ready now despite what others may say on Twitter.

2017 Will Be a Good Season for New York

The 2017 New York Yankees will be World Series champions, write that down in pen because it's going to happen. Looking at the current state of the Yankees contracts and all the money they have coming off the books New York almost has to win the World Series after the 2016 season much like they did in 2009 when a ton of money came off the books from 2008.

Mike Mussina, Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, Kei Igawa, and other notable contracts came off the Yankees board before they went on a spending spree that saw CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Nick Swisher, and Mark Teixeira join the ranks. Eight seasons later following the 2016 season the Yankees will see CC Sabathia. Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, and Carlos Beltran come off the board for somewhere around $100 million in payroll flexibility.

I know it's way too early to start thinking three seasons from now but the correlation between the 2009 Yankees and the 2017 Yankees is shaping up to be a big one. Stick it out and stay tuned.

Reminder: GM Meetings Begin Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder for you before your NFL schedules get started as a notable baseball date comes and passes tomorrow. The GM meetings in Phoenix, Arizona begin tomorrow and run through Wednesday. Now while these are not the Winter Meetings we see in December where a flurry of activity usually goes down something usually does. I'm pretty bored so far this offseason so I am excited to maybe see some players come off the board.

Stay tuned to The Greedy Pinstripes as we cover all the doings that happen down in Phoenix.

A Hat Tip to Roger Clemens

Just a quick hat tip to former New York Yankee, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jay, and Houston Astros player Roger Clemens. It was the 2004 season that Clemens came out of retirement to join his friend and former Yankee teammate Andy Pettitte in Houston to play for his hometown Astros. On this day in 2004 Roger Clemens (18-4, 218 K's, 2.98 ERA) became the oldest player to ever win the Cy Young Award. Clemens was 42 years old when he won his record setting 7th Cy Young Award.

Clemens has also won the award with the Red Sox (1986-1987, 1991), Blue Jays (1997-1998), Yankees (2001), and in 2004 with Houston.

TGP Daily Poll: Predicting The Rookies of the Year

The BBWAA announces their vote for the American League and National League Rookies of the Year tomorrow. I predict that Jose Abreu (CHW) and Jacob DeGrom (NYM) take home the awards.

Vote in our poll!

This Day in New York Yankees History 11/9:

On this day in 2008 participants in a team sponsored high school program whose job was to help Bronx, New York youths pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction remove dirt from the old Yankee Stadium and bring it to the new Yankee Stadium. A few players helped with the cause while the rains came down as they hauled the dirt across the street to the new $1.3 billion field. The dirt was then mixed with the new stadium's dirt around home plate and the pitcher's rubber which were also removed from the old Yankee Stadium during the ceremony.