Monday, February 27, 2012

AJ Burnett Pays Dan McCutchen For #34

Being borrowed from our friends over at River Avenue Blues

No, this has nothing to do with a Yankees, but it’s a cool story and does involve two familiar names. According to Bill BrinkA.J. Burnett will open a college savings plan for Dan McCutchen’s unborn daughter in exchange for his jersey number, #34. “When a veteran comes in and takes a number, some of the guys usually get something,” said McCutchen, who went from the Yankees to Pittsburgh in the Xavier Nady/Damaso Marte trade back in 2008. “I know he has kids. He asked me what I wanted, I brought that up.” 
Usually you hear stories about watches or fancy dinners or whatever, but bravo to McCutchen and Burnett for thinking outside the box. Obligatory Snark: I’m glad to see some of the money the Yankees are paying Burnett is going to a good cause.

Bravo AJ... Bravo. That is why you were my favorite Yankee the past 3 years. Well no, not really, it had more to do with a 9 walk no hitter but semantics right? Great gesture by AJ either way. I know this is not Yankees news anymore but I thought it was still worth posting since it had two former Yankees and it was a good story.

Spring Training Day 9


Andy Pettitte stopped by Yankees camp today to "hang out". Jokingly he said that he could easily throw some BP and would throw his has at being the 2nd lefty in the Yankees bullpen this season. If he were only serious right? Andy also said that he was willing to come back every spring to work with the Yankees so maybe he can make this a habit because he can be a mentor to a lot of our young guys.

The Yankees made the Eric Chavez signing official today on a 1 year deal worth 900K plus incentives. The Yankees only had 39 players on the 40 man roster so they did not have to make a roster move for Chavez (remember they outrighted Chris Dickerson to AAA to make room for Chavez) but they also placed David Aardsma on the 60 day DL so the Yankees roster still remains at 39 players... Clay Rapada anybody?

The Yankees early spring training rotation was announced today by Joe Girardi and it goes as such:
3/2 - Adam Warren
3/3 Ivan Nova
3/4 Freddy Garcia
3/5 Michael Pineda
3/6 CC Sabathia/ Phil Hughes
3/7 Hiroki Kuroda

No new injury news to report and everything was described as routine from Yankees camp today. Go Yankees!

Drinking at Work

Das Boot!

I'm not writing this to bash the Boston Red Sox. Their on-field product gives me enough ammunition for that. I'm actually writing this because I agree, 100%, with the decision by Bobby Valentine to ban alcohol from the Red Sox clubhouse.

I look at the clubhouse sort of like the break room at a "normal" job. It's a place to get dressed/ready for work, keep personal things (my break-room has lockers), get something to eat or drink (non-alcoholic), or just take a... well... break. Maybe some of you have had a job where you could drink in the break room, but I haven't. In fact, I've worked at a couple places that serve alcohol, and both of them looked down upon employees drinking on the premises... whether on the clock or not.

The main argument I've heard for allowing alcohol in the clubhouse is that players can't just go to a bar after work, like you and I can (I'm assuming no celebrities read this blog, but if so... sorry for including you here). They can't stop by the gas station and pick-up a six pack on the way home either. I understand that, but here's what they can do...

1. Celebrities can be put into certain sections at bars or clubs often considered "VIP".

2. Many hotels, where players stay while on the road, serve alcohol. And I'm pretty sure a player can have alcohol sent to their rooms.

3. Players may not be able to stop by a gas station to get some beer, but I'm pretty sure they can either have a friend or relative get some for them and take it to their house/apartment, or they could probably pay a clubhouse attendant to get some for them to bring home.

I see no reason why alcohol needs to be allowed in the clubhouse. None. I understand that not everybody is going to abuse it if it were allowed, and we're talking about adults that should be responsible. But MLB is a business. An employer if you will. And I really don't see why an employer should be okay with alcohol being consumed at the workplace.

Meet A (Potential) Prospect : Rafael DePaula

We do not know much about Rafael DePaula except for the fact that he is 21 years old and the Yankees signed him to a 500K deal in 2010, which he has been stuck in VISA limbo ever since. Recently , on River Avenue Blues, they posted two videos of DePaula throwing that it I thought were interesting. Here they are..