Thursday, October 31, 2013

Current Arizona Fall League Standings - 11/1

The Scorpions are currently 5.5 games out of first place in the AFL East. 

Nuno dominant as Scorpions lose again

Yankees pitcher Vidal Nuno pitched 5 scoreless innings tonight as the Scorpions lost again to the Solar Sox, 7-3, dropping their record to 7-13. This losing streak's been tough on the Scorps, but at least Nuno pitched well in this one. They lost, but this was still overall a good night for them. 

Besides Nuno, Yankees pitchers Brett Gerritse and James Pazos also appeared in this loss. Neither of them pitched very well, as Gerritse gave up 3 earned runs in just one third of inning, bringing his ERA up to 9.39, while Pazos gave up a run while recording just two outs, bringing his ERA up to 2.84. They both had bad nights, but you'd prefer they struggle now in the AFL than when the minor league seasons pick up again in the spring. 

The holy Pinstripes hitter who played in this one, Peter O'Brien, actually played really well, going 2-for-4 with two RBIs. His nice effort came in a loss, but, you know, it was still a nice effort.

Yankees 16-to-1 Odds To Win 2014 World Series

Yes I know this is way premature, and you cannot blame me because I was born premature so it comes natural to me(insert joke here), but has already released their betting odds for the 2014 World Series. Yes this is serious as silly as it it already but it is what it is. 

The Yankees are ranked 16-to-1, tied for the seventh best chance in baseball, to win the 2014 World Series. Obviously this will all change when free agency really kicks in gear and we head into Spring Training but that's how it stands today.

To the shock of nobody the Los Angeles Dodgers top the list and the Houston Astros are the biggest long shot in the game. Here is the complete list for you sports betters out there:

Los Angeles Dodgers                            7/1
Detroit Tigers                                        9/1
Boston Red Sox                                   10/1
St. Louis Cardinals                                10/1
Washington Nationals                            10/1
Los Angeles Angels                              14/1
Atlanta Braves                                       16/1
Cincinnati Reds                                     16/1
New York Yankees                                16/1
Oakland Athletics                                  16/1
Tampa Bay Rays                                   16/1
Texas Rangers                                      16/1
San Francisco Giants                            18/1
Cleveland Indians                                  20/1
Baltimore Orioles                                   25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                                  25/1
Toronto Blue Jays                                 25/1
Kansas City Royals                               33/1
Philadelphia Phillies                               33/1
Arizona Diamondbacks                          40/1
Chicago White Sox                                50/1
Milwaukee Brewers                                50/1
Seattle Mariners                                    50/1
Chicago Cubs                                       66/1
Colorado Rockies                                 66/1
San Diego Padres                                 66/1
Minnesota Twins                                    75/1
New York Mets                                      75/1
Miami Marlins                                        200/1
Houston Astros                                     250/1

The Offseason Days To Remember Next Weeks

Now is a better time than any to remind you guys some of the key days and weeks coming up for this offseason now that the World Series is over. The Red Sox won, good for them, now it's time for us to get to work and get down t business.

Today, as my colleague and friend Bryan Van Dusen has already pointed out, is the day that players have to elect free agency. 147 players elected for free agency today including Yankees players Travis Hafner, Hiroki Kuroda, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, Lyle Overbay, Mark Reynolds, Kevin Youkilis, Curtis Granderson, and Brendan Ryan.

On Monday the 4th of November we will get all the decisions on qualifying offers and option years. Derek Jeter will have to decide where he will accept or decline his $9,500,000 players option for the 2014 season. Also the Yankees will have until Monday to offer qualifying offers to their free agents that are listed above. I am pretty sure that Hiroki Kuroda and Robinson Cano are no brainers but everyone else I think will head into free agency without draft pick compensation linked to them.

Tuesday the 5th of November the free agency frenzy officially begins where any player can sign with any team for the 2014 season. The exclusive negotiating period only lasts six days so the Yankees will have to lock up Cano quickly or he will be able to test the free agent market. I am sure the Yankees will make their offer to Kuroda by the time this day comes as well but seem willing to be patient on his decision. Everyone else seems to be on the back burner for the Yankees.

November, 11th is the last day that free agents can accept or decline qualifying offers meaning in less then two weeks we will have a much clearer picture heading into this offseason. An offseason that seems like it is going to be a fun an entertaining one.. so let's get on with it.

147 Declare Free Agency

Eligible players were able to officially be a free agent at 9am this morning, and 147 players have done so.

Thirteen of those players were Yankees last season. That list includes Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, Curtis Granderson, Travis Hafner, Phil Hughes, Hiroki Kuroda, Boone Logan, Lyle Overbay, Andy Pettitte, Mark Reynolds, Mariano Rivera, Brendan Ryan, and Kevin Youkilis.

I think it's safe to say that Robinson Cano is the most likely to return to New York. In a series of posts at the end of the season, I said that I'd like to see Curtis Granderson and Brendan Ryan come back. Actually, that list would include a couple more names if it wasn't for the fact that Rivera and Pettitte retired.

Chamberlain, Hafner, Hughes, Overbay, Reynolds, and Youkilis are on my "thanks, but no thanks" list. As for Boone Logan I'm on the fence. The bullpen could definitely use a couple arms, but I'm not sure if spending around $12 million on Logan would be smart. It's not as if the Yankees don't have some guys already in the organization that could possibly fill his role.

By the way, players can't sign with a new team for five days. So while Cano could be re-signed at any time, players like Carlos Beltran and Shin-Soo Choo won't be Yankees for at least five more days.

World Series Week: Game 7 Of The 2001 World Series

Maybe I am biased because this is the greatest World Series in my time but I think this is the best World Series of all time. With all the September 11th stuff going on mixed in with walk off hits, clutch home runs, huge pitching performances, and all the heroics from both teams this Fall Classic had it all. Only way it would have been better is obviously if the Yankees won it for the city of New York but what can you do. This is World Series week on The Greedy Pinstripes.

Happy Halloween From The Greedy Pinstripes

Happy Halloween to all our readers and all Yankees fans out there from everyone here at The Greedy Pinstripes. Everyone be safe out there whether you are walking around with your kids collecting way more candy then they will ever need or your trying to find the sluttiest walking dead zombie you can find. Everyone have a great day and night. I will be walking my son around tonight to collect candy, which he is going to be a zombie sock monkey(two of his favorite things FYI) in case you were wondering, so the blog may be a little quite. Everyone enjoy!

For your viewing pleasure here is a picture of Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling to look at while you wait for dark and Trick or Treating. Enjoy!

Poll: Yankees Starting Third Basemen In 2014

Yankees Starting Third Basemen In 2014? free polls 
Who should be the starting third basemen for the New York Yankees when Opening Day comes around in 2014? Will Alex Rodriguez beat his suspension handed down from Bud Selig? Will Eduardo Nunez finally step up and get to showcase his skills at one position for a full season? Will the Yankees bring in a free agent like Michael Young or will they bring back one of their own in Mark Reynolds or Kevin Youkilis? Please vote here and the results are to follow. Thank you for your continued support and participation on the blog. 

This Day In New York Yankees History 10/31

On this day in 1957 Yogi Berra ruffled a few feathers when he admitted that the Yankees returned money to their players from fines collected in the Copacabana fight. Players like Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, and Moose Skowron to name a few were involved in a brawl while celebrating Billy Martin's 29th birthday in May.  This obviously garnered some unwanted publicity for the storied New York Yankees franchise so the fines handed down were supposed to calm the waters until Yogi blew the lid off of the whole ordeal.

On this day in 2009 Alex Rodriguez hit a long fly ball in right field at Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia that resulted in being the first instant replay call in World Series history. Originally the fly ball was called a double but the play was overturned and ruled a home run in the Yankees favor. If you can remember back that far this was the ball that hit the camera on the fence in right field and bounced back into the field of play.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Current Arizona Fall League Standings - 10/31

The Scorpions are currently 4.5 games out of first place in the AFL East. 

Scorpions continue to look terrible; fall to Solar Sox 7-0

Well, if you thought the Scorpions were going to end their losing streak today, you were wrong. Because instead of coming out and putting up a nice fight like a team riding a 6-game losing streak should do, the Scorps played what was probably their worst game of the season this afternoon at home, losing to the Mesa Solar Sox, 7-0. 

This defeat is Scottsdale's seventh consecutive, meaning their overall record is now 7-13. Needless to say, this is getting boring. They just lose every day. On the bright side, Yankees prospect Mason Williams did hit a double today in one of his four ABs, but besides that, this game was awful. Just really awful. 

Masahiro Tanaka Prefers To Sign With Yankees Or Dodgers

Courtesy of Steve Dilbeck of the Los AngelesTimes.

Masahiro Tanaka has come out and said that he would prefer to sign with either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Yankees this season. Tanaka may get his wish because if the rumors are true that the Japanese posting system is being changed Tanaka may have a small say in where he goes. If the rumors are true the top three teams with the highest bid will be submitted to Tanaka and he will choose which team that he will exclusively negotiate with.

Tanaka is in his age 24 season and has not lost a game since August,19 2012. That is not a typo, I said 2012. Tanaka will not come cheap after putting up a 99-35 record in his Japanese League career with a 2.30 ERA with 1,238 strike outs and only 275 walks.

This is exciting news especially if the posting rules are changed as I expect the Yankees to at least have a top three bid for Tanaka's services.

World Series Game 6: Open Thread

Tonight we will either see the St. Louis Cardinals force a Game 7 in the 2013 World Series or we will see the Boston Red Sox win their third World Series in less than 10 seasons. Either way, kill me, kill me now. The game will be televised at 8:07 pm ET on FOX so we will get to hear Tim McCarver at least one more time before he retires. I have St. Louis pushing this to a Game 7 tonight, what is your prediction?

Michael Wacha will be on the mound for the Cardinals and will be facing off with John Lackey for the Red Sox.

RailRiders Release 2014 Daily Promotional Schedule

As we all know, and probably love, the minor league affiliates will do just about anything to get you through the door especially on a week day and the RailRiders are no different. Our AAA affiliate down in Scranton Wilkes Barre released their 2014 promotional schedule with daily deals for you fans coming through the gates. Props to Donnie Collins on The Times Tribune for the list.

$1 Hot Dogs


Free T-Shirt (1,500 each game; different shirt each game)


Kids Eat Free (12 & under; Berks hot dog, Utz chips, small Pepsi product)


Thirsty Thursday ($1 Bud Lights & Pepsi products; Pregame band)


Postgame Fireworks (Pregame block party/band)


Giveaways (Pregame band)


Family FunDay (Player autographs, carnival entertainers before the game; Postgame kids run the bases)

Gotta love $1 hot dogs, free t shirt day, kids eat free, and fireworks, who doesn't right? So head out to a ball game this year and support the home team and get some free stuff while you're at it. 

Hideki Matsui To Be Honored Tonight By MLBPA

The Major League Baseball Players Association along with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York are honoring former Yankees star and World Series MVP Hideki Matsui tonight. The ceremony will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel and it is actually going on now until about 9:30 tonight. The JCCI was established to better understand and facilitate business between the United States and the JCCI has brought over many Japanese businesses and Japanese culture, as seen when the Yankees signed Godzilla out of Japan. The Yankees relationship and business with Hideki Matsui and all involved were obviously huge for both products and Matsui will be honored tonight for his duties performed both on and off the field. Congratulations to him and his family for the honor and the award.

Shin-Soo Choo or Carlos Beltran?

So far the Yankees have been linked to pretty much every top free agent on the market for this upcoming offseason. Who knows what that means, but hopefully it means that the Yankees plan on being active in free agency this winter. 

The looming Alex Rodriguez appeal is an issue because it is not expected to pick up again for another three weeks. It will take at least another week after that to finish it, and then arbitrator Fred Horowitz will have 25 days to render a ruling. By that time all of the top free agents could be gone. 

Starting pitching, catcher and the left side of the infield are considered bigger needs than outfield, but the Yankees have been rumored to be interested in Carlos Beltran and Shin-Shoo Choo. Ichiro Suzuki or Vernon Wells are not suited to be starting in the outfield and either Beltran or Choo would be huge additions to the Yankees. Which one provides the better value though? 

In a vacuum Choo is obviously the better player than Beltran, but of course he will cost much more than Beltran. With the $90 million deal Hunter Pence got in San Francisco there is speculation that Choo could be in line for $100 million, since he is a better player than Pence. With the Yankees trying to get under the $189 million luxury tax they need to watch every dollar carefully. 

Choo is an on-base machine, as he was 4th in MLB with a .423 OBP this season. The Yankees are coming off a season where they had a hideous team OBP of .307, which was their lowest since 1990. The Yankees have always been known for driving up a pitchers pitch count and working walks, and Choo would help bring that element back to the Yankees. 

Overall, Choo had a fantastic season, as he had a .285/.423/.462/.885 slash line with 21 home runs and 151 wRC+. It is realistic to think that Choo could approach 30 home runs with the short porch at Yankee Stadium. Choo could combine with Brett Gardner to form one of the best top of the lineups in MLB. 

The problems with Choo are his platoon splits, his age and his defense. I think the defense is the least of his problems because you can hide a bad fielder in right field at Yankee Stadium. His -15.5 UZR was terrible last season, but center field in Cincinnati is a lot different from right field in New York.

Against lefties last season Choo had a slash line of .215/.347.265/.612 and against righties it was .317/.457/.554/1.011. Choo did not hit lefties at all, but his OBP against them did not make him completely useless. Gardner and Choo at the top of the lineup against a lefty would be an issue as would a manager bringing in a lefty late in a game to face Choo. 

Choo is 31, so he should still have some prime years left, but the end of his contract could be an issue. That is something that has burned the Yankees recently. 

Meanwhile, Beltran is tearing it up in another postseason for St. Louis. I am one who thinks postseason performance is a small sample size and is mostly random, but Beltran continues to defy me. At this point you have to come to expect Beltran to perform every postseason, even though past postseason play usually has no effect on future postseasons. 

Beltran was great in the regular season as well, as he hit .296 with 24 home runs, 79 RBI, a .830 OPS and 132 w RC+. He is 38 years old, which is an obvious concern, but he has shown absolutely zero signs of decline. Also, because of that age the Yankees should be able to get him on a nice discount. 

Beltran has always wanted to play for the Yankees and is a great clubhouse guy. Beltran being a switch hitter is also a huge plus. With the Yankees trying to get under $189 million he would probably be the better option due to how much cheaper he would come as opposed to Choo. 

World Series Week: Game 4 Of The 1999 World Series

Watch as the New York Yankees sweep their second consecutive World Series as they beat the Atlanta Braves in Game 4 of the 1999 World Series. The Yankees would win 14 consecutive games in the World Series before losing in Game 3 of the 2000 World Series. This is World Series week on The Greedy Pinstripes.

Poll: Yankees Starting Catcher For 2014

Yankees Starting Catcher For 2014? free polls 
Who do you think the Yankees starting catcher should be when Opening Day comes around in 2014? Should it be Austin Romine? Should we forgive Francisco Cervelli and give him another shot at it? Should we go out and get a big named free agent like Brian McCann or Carlos Ruiz? Or should we, no never mind on Chris Stewart. Go ahead and vote and the results are to follow. Thank you for your participation. 

Dustin Pedroia Wins Gold Glove For Second Base

The Yankees only finalist in the Gold Glove Award running was Robinson Cano at second base for the American League and the winners were announced last night and the Red Sox Dustin Pedroia beat out Cano for the award. Cano was the reigning champion and has two Gold Gloves already in his cabinet but this one goes to the one they call "Peddy."

This Day In New York Yankees History 10/30

On this day in 2001 President George W. Bush became the eight President to attend a World Series game and the first since Dwight D. Eisenhower to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. This all obviously came on the heels of the September 11th terrorists attacks. Bush brought the nation back together with his thumbs up and his perfect strike off the mound. 'Merica!

On this day in 2007 the New York Yankees signed manager Joe Girardi to a three year deal worth $7,500,000 to replace longtime manager Joe Torre. Girardi was coming off of a Manager of the Year award with the Miami Marlins in 2006 and beat out coaches Don Mattingly and Tony Pena for the job. Girardi would be the Yankees 42nd manager in their storied history.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Current Arizona Fall League Standings - 10/30

The Scorpions are currently 4 games out of first place in the AFL East, as they are 7-11, not 7-10. Peoria's also 7-11, meaning they 4.5 games out of first in the AFL West, not 5. 

Scorpions fall to Javelinas for second straight day, 3-2

Tonight, the Scorpions traveled to Peoria looking to get revenge on the Javelinas after yesterday's defeat in Scottsdale. Going into this game, the Scorpions were just 7-10, having lost four consecutive games, while the Javelinas were 6-11, the worst record in the league. So, you can imagine that both teams wanted this game pretty badly. Unfortunetally for the Scorps, it appeares the team that wanted it more wasn't them, as they fell 3-2. 

The only Yankee who played in this one, Peter O'Brien, went 1-for-4 with a solo home run. But besides that hit, this game really was bad. This loss is their fifth straight after they won five straight. So basically, all the effort they put in earlier this month's by wasted by recent struggles. Right now, I think it's safe to say we won't see the Scorpions win the AFL East this year, much less the AFL Crown. But, they still gotta play some more games. So might as well keep following them. 

Yankees Rank 16th In Latest Baseball America List

Baseball America went around releasing their Top 20 prospects lists for every league and now those lists have been used to rank the teams with the best minor league systems with immediate reinforcements on the way. Basically this list and point system shows us who has the best and the most major league ready talent and the Yankees are ranked in the middle of the pack with a 16th ranking out of 30 teams.

The Red Sox are in first place followed by the Houston Astros and the San Diego Padres filling out the top three. The Milwaukee Brewers are the last place team, which I can agree with. With these rankings looking not only at the 2014 season but the 2015 season as well so I think the Yankees are ranked this high due to the fact that the likes of Slade Heathcott, Manny Banuelos, Tyler Austin, and maybe even Rafael DePaula may be ready by then.

Yankees Do Not Seem Interested In Kevin Youkilis Return

The New York Yankees do not seem willing or interested in bringing back Kevin Youkilis for the 2014 season and Youk's agent Joe Bick confirmed as much. Bick claims that Youk is healthy and ready to go and would have been if the Yankees had made the post season. Still Youk is 24 years old and has multiple seasons with back injuries, he is a huge question mark.

Youk only saw 118 plate appearances in 2013 and put up a weak .219/.305/.343 triple slash with only two home runs. Youk only saw 28 games after the back kept him out and missed a ton of Spring Training as well with another injury. Mark Reynolds gave us everything that Kevin Youkilis was supposed to last season so if anyone comes back it will be Reynolds and not Youkilis.

Trenton Thunder Named Minor League Team of Year

(TRENTON, NJ), the official website of Minor League Baseball, has named the Trenton Thunder, Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, "Team of the Year" following a three week online voting period this month. The honor is part of the annual "MiLBY" Awards which are presented by each fall.

The Thunder were the champions of the Eastern League after earning the East Division Wild Card during the regular season. Trenton got hot at the end of the year and finished on a nine-game winning streak including sweeps of the first place Binghamton Mets in the Eastern Division Championship and the Western Division Champs, the Harrisburg Senators, to earn the title. Trenton became the first team to sweep both rounds of the EL postseason since 1991. 
The title is the franchise's third in its 20 seasons in Trenton, all under the watch of Manager Tony Franklin. In Franklin's seven years with the Thunder, he has led them to the EL Championship Series five times.
MiLBYs are the end-of-season awards that honor the best players, teams and performances of the Minor League season. For three weeks, fans chose their favorites in 13 categories at The official website of Minor League Baseball announces Fans' Choice winners as well as staff picks for the major awards.
Trenton is a finalist for two additional MiLBY Awards that will be announced on Thursday, October 31. The Retirement Party for Chase That Golden Thunder is a nominee for "Promotion of the Year" and a tribute video for Chase is up for "Mascot Clip of the Year". 
The Thunder will begin the 2014 season on at home on Thursday, April 3. Season tickets, group outings, Pic-A-Plans, and Mini Plan renewals are on sale now. For more information about tickets, fans should call 609-394-3300 or visit

Being posted with permission from the Trenton Thunder organization. The original article can be seen HERE

Javelinas shutout Scorpions, 4-0

Last night, the Scorpions returned from their Sunday off day in less than amazing fashion, losing at home to the Peoria Javelinas, 4-0. In the game, I must say the Scorps played terrible. As a team, they managed just 3 hits, walked just four times, and obviously never scored a run. That is simply not productive. 

Yankees outfielder Mason Williams did get a hit in his 4 at-bats, a routine single. As for the Bombers pitchers who appeared in this one, James Pazos was the only one, pitching one inning and surrendering 1 run, the first one he's allowed this season. 

World Series Week: Game 4 Of The 1998 World Series

Watch the New York Yankees beat the San Diego Padres in Game 4 of the 1998 World Series all over again here on World Series week on The Greedy Pinstripes.

Poll: What Free Agent Starter Should The Yankees Target?

What Free Agent Pitcher Should The Yankees Target free polls 
Here is another quick poll asking you, the Yankees fans, who you want to see in pinstripes next season. You can keep it realistic and realize that Matt Garza is probably not coming to the Yankees or you can just simply get greedy and pick them all. Multiple votes allowed because we presumably need multiple starting pitchers to fill the void left behind from the likes of Phil Hughes, Hiroki Kuroda, and Andy Pettitte. Thank you in advance for the votes and your participation. 

This Day In New York Yankees History 10/29

On this day in 1920 the Yankees hired ex Boston red Sox manager Ed Barrow to be their General Manager. Over the next quarter of a century the Yankees would see 14 American League pennants and 10 World Series Championships while Barrow would see a Hall of Fame induction.

On this day in 1991 the Yankees hired Buck Schowalter to replace Stump Merrill as the Yankees manager. In four seasons, including the strike shortened 1994 season, Buck would compile a 313-268 (.539) record as a 36 year old manager. Buck would win the American League Manager of the Year Award and the AL East title in 1994 and would lead the Yankees to the playoffs in the first Wild Card series in 1995.

On this day in 2009 Derek Jeter would win the Roberto Clemente Award which is given to the player who best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, and community involvement. Jeter would be the 3rd Yankees to ever win the award, Ron Guidry and Don Baylor the other two, and would join 13 Hall of Fame players with the award.

On this day in 2010 the New York Yankees signed Joe Girardi to a new three year deal to remain the Yankees manager through the 2013 season. In 2010, much like this offseason, the Cubs were rumored to be making a run at Girardi but in the end the Yankees kept him on their bench.

Monday, October 28, 2013

World Series Game 5: Open Thread

As the Cardinals say goodbye to Busch Stadium either way tonight we have this open thread for Game 5 of the 2013 World Series. This has been a great series thus far between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox that hopefully does not end any time soon. Well unless your Will Middlebuckner then you probably want this game over with ASAP.

Use this thread to leave your comments during the game or follow us on twitter by following @GreedyStripes where the conversation is always live. FYI we love to do predictions with our followers on Twitter so tonight I have the Red Sox winning this game 5-1 to send it home to Boston.

Falls Stars Game Will Include O'Brien & Williams

The Arizona Fall League All Star Game, the Falls Stars Game, will include two Yankees prospects in Mason Williams and Peter O'Brien. If you do not recognize the name it is because the game used to be called the Rising Stars Game but now it is the Fall Stars Game so new name but the game is still the same. This will technically be the 8th annual game for the Arizona Fall League and it will take place at 5:00 pm Arizona time on my birthday November, 2nd. The game will be televised on Saturday on MLB Network and can be heard and seen on

21 of the Top 100 prospects in all of Baseball, including Byron Buxton from the Twins, will be in the game so it should be a pretty interesting game to watch, prospect humper or not. CLICK HERE for the complete roster and write up from

Yankees Moving High A Yankees From Tampa To Ocala

The New York Yankees have struck a deal that will move their High A Tampa Yankees affiliate from the Tampa St. Pete area to Ocala, Florida. The move will be around 100 miles and the new stadium in Ocala is supposed to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $45,000,000 which is pretty steep for an A Ball affiliate in the minor leagues. Ocala, unlike Tampa, is in a richy rich part of Florida flush with rich horse owners, like the Steinbrenner family, and should create tons of revenue for the Yankees.

There will be a half of a cent tax hike over the next ten years to pay for the new baseball facility which will also be used for other things around the community. This is being presented at the Ocala City Council meeting tomorrow as it hopefully gets one step closer to becoming official. If everything goes as planned this move could happen as soon as Opening Day in 2016.

The Yankees will still hold Spring Training at George Steinbrenner Field, at least for the next 12 seasons anyway, and will still have their minor league complex down in Tampa. This is simply a move to increase revenue for the High A affiliate and if this deal goes through it surely will.

World Series Week: Game 6 Of The 2009 World Series

Watch the entire Game 6 clinching victory by the New York Yankees in the 2009 World Series. Watch the Yankees win their 27th World Series title in their storied history. Watch the entire game right here as we prepare to see a World Series winner this year between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Poll: Starting Right Fielder For 2014

Who Should Be The Yankees Starting Right Fielder In 2014
  free polls 

Here is a quick poll asking who you, the Yankees fans, want to see starting in right field for the New York Yankees when Opening Day comes around in 2014. Make sure to vote and we will post the results tonight or tomorrow or whenever we get enough votes. Thank you guys

This Day In New York Yankees History 10/28

On this day in 1953 Red Barber quit his job as the broadcaster of the Brookyln Dodgers and would find a new job with the New York Yankees. The man nicknamed "The Old Red Head" was upset with Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley over money and lack of support.

On this day in 1979 Dick Howser replaces Billy Martin as the Yankees manager. Howser would lead the Yankees to a 103-59 record with an American League East championship although he was fired by George Steinbrenner when he was swept in the playoffs by the Kansas City Royals.

On this day in 2007 in the middle of Game 4 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies we heard the news that Alex Rodriguez had opted out of his contract with the New York Yankees. The timing of the announcement as well as being a no show to receive the Hank Aaron Award, which honors the best offensive player in the league, did not sit well with MLB, Bud Selig, the fans, or the Yankees.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Yankee Stadium Experience - Part One: Monument Park

The offseason, at least for Yankees fans, has begun and with it The Greedy Pinstripes writers look to bring readers innovative ways to keep you reading about the Yankees and hopefully get you excited about what is in store for the upcoming season.

One of the ideas that came out of a recent brainstorming session among all of the TGP writers was to give readers an insight into what is available for fans at Yankee Stadium BESIDES the product on the field and the actual games.  So we introduce to you a new series that will provide The Yankee Stadium Experience from the eyes of the TGP writers.  A new article should be posted every Sunday night, so I hope you enjoy--especially those of you that have never been to The New Yankee Stadium.

PART ONE: Monument Park

A picture of the Original Monument Park taken on July 4, 2008 from the 1st Base side.

There aren't many stadiums in the world for any sport that have the history of Yankee Stadium.  Sure, purists might say that the current stadium isn't the REAL stadium, but I digress.  Part of that history is of course the great players that have pitched, thrown, batted, and caught balls within its hallowed walls.  The old Yankee Stadium gave incoming teams chills as they could swear the ghosts of Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, and Mantle still roamed the field.  But the Stadium itself, even with the ghosts, was not the best facility for the fan experience.  On August 16, 2006, the 58th anniversary of Babe Ruth's death, ground broke for the New Yankee Stadium.  (not that it matters but I would turn 27 the next day...and hey the Yankees have won 27 World Series...just saying)  One of the things that the Yankees brass was adamant about was to maintain as much of the original "feel" of the stadium as possible.  The famous lattice-work known as frieze, dirt from the original field, and of course Monument Park would be included in that original "feel" and would be transported over to the new ballpark.

To understand why Monument Park is such a great fan experience, you must know a little bit about the history.  The original monument was one erected for Miller Huggins after his sudden death in 1929.  The players at the time placed a free-standing monument in front of the flagpole, which was in the field of play, approximately 460 feet from home plate with the center field wall being at 500 feet.  Upon Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig's deaths additional plaques were mounted in red granite and placed next to Huggins, but by this time the centerfield wall was moved to 461 feet from home plate.  A picture of the original 3 monuments is shown below.

The Original 3 Monuments in Center Field - compliments of Wikipedia
In 1969, two new plaques were placed on the center field for Mickey Mantle and one for Joe DiMaggio, perhaps the two greatest Yankee centerfielders of all time.  The walls were moved in once again during the remodel of 1974 and 1975 and with it, the monuments were now off of the playing field, but not available to the public.  As more plaques were added, the area with the flagpole and monuments began to be known as "Monument Park."  Upon the deaths of Mantle and DiMaggio, their plaques were brought off of the display wall and mounted in red granite along with Huggins, Ruth, and Gehrig.  Believe it or not, this area was not accessible to the public until 1985.  At that time, Monument Park included the original 5 monuments, plaques for former owner Jacob Ruppert, former GM Ed Barrow, Joe McCarthy, Casey Stengel, Thurman Munson, Elston Howard, Roger Maris, and Phil Rizzuto.  The retired numbers displayed included Gehrig (#4), Ruth (#3), DiMaggio (#5), Mantle (#7), Stengel (#37), Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra (#8), Whitey Ford (#16), Munson (#15), Howard (#32), Maris (#9), and Rizzuto (#10).  In order to see Monument Park, the public would line up near a door leading from the seats in left field down to the park.  You would have to show up about 2 hours before hand to ensure your entry into the hallowed grounds.  Being in the presence of the monuments, plaques, and retired numbers gave you chills -- more than Cooperstown itself, because this was the field those players actually played on.  The Yankee Greats of the past had stood right where you were standing looking at history.

View of the Retired Numbers from 1939 to 1993 in the Old Yankee Stadium
When the New Yankee Stadium opened, a newer "improved" Monument Park also opened to the public.  Critics of the park have nicknamed it "Monument Cave" because it isn't readily seen from the field like the original.  While this may be true, I personally think they did a great job incorporating the new Monument Park into the Stadium Experience.  No longer do you have to wait in the hot sun to get into the park as the entrance is now within the concourse and you are easily directed by in-stadium signage directing you to see the monuments.  Here is a picture of what Monument Park looks like from my old Season Ticket seats in the 2nd deck near the left field "fair" pole (I have never understand why they call it a "foul" pole--if the ball hits it it's called fair...).  You can see it stationed in front of what is called the "Mohegan Sun" Sports Bar, with two sections of retired number walls and the plaque wall in the background with the monuments stationed in the center of the park.

View of the New Monument Park from the "Cheap" Seats
You still need to arrive early to the Stadium to get into Monument Park as the doors to the shrines close approximately 30 minutes before the first pitch.  You won't have to worry about getting hit by batting practice home runs as the monuments are covered by netting discretely placed so that you can still see the park from above.  The retired numbers and identification plaques aren't exactly the same (as shown below in pictures from a trip I took for Yankees vs. Red Sox in August of 2009), but the plaques and monuments are the originals.  I personally like the blue granite they used as the background for the retired numbers and plaques as it is a subtle contrast from the rest of the park. Notice the only number missing from what you would see next season or in any one of the Stadium tours given in the offseason is Mariano's recently retired #42.  The #42 shown in the picture is Jackie Robinson's.

As you slowly shuffle by each plaque, take careful time to reflect on what you are witnessing.  This is not only Yankees history, but Yankees Immortality.  Plaques and monuments displayed represent LEGENDS that your grandfather and father spoke of in awe.  Rarely will you hear a word spoken over a whisper as if you are attending a loved one's wake.

Since the original park was opened to the public in 1985 a short distance across the street where a soccer field, track, and youth baseball fields now reside, several plaques and numbers have been added.  The plaques include ones for Billy Martin, Lefty Gomez, Whitey Ford, Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Allie Reynolds, Don Mattingly, Mel Allen, Bob Sheppard, Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry, Red Ruffing, Jackie Robinson, and George Steinbrenner.  Other plaques are displayed honoring the 3 popes that visited Yankee Stadium and for September 11, 2001.  The numbers added since 1985 include Martin (#1), Jackson (#44), Mattingly (#23), Guidry (#49), Robinson (#42), and Rivera (#42--just this year).

So the next time (or first time) you get to the New Yankee Stadium, make sure to get there early so you can partake in a piece of history, or at least view it.  Cooperstown is where you go to see Baseball History, but Monument Park is arguably the next best thing if you can't make it there.  Maybe I am just jaded that Don Mattingly isn't in the Hall (yet), but I personally revere Monument Park a little more than the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I have included a few more photos below of the last time I visited the park.

World Series Game 4: Open Thread

The World Series continues tonight in Busch Stadium in St. Louis for Game 4 of the 2013 Fall Classic. Clay Buchholz will be on the mound for the Red Sox and Lance Lynn will be on the mound for the home team Cardinals. With Buchholz not even being confirmed as a starter until a few days ago I have the Cardinals winning this game big by the score of 8-4.

Use this open thread to comment on this thread or follow us on Twitter by following @GreedyStripes where the conversation is always going on.

Addison Maruszak Added To Arizona Fall League

Addison Maruszak has been added to the Arizona Fall League roster replacing injured Yankees prospect Tyler Austin. Austin was removed after his wrist flared up and the move was made as a precaution to ensure Tyler would be ready for spring training. Originally it was reported that a player from another organization would be added to take his place but it will be Maruszak.

Watch The Obstruction Call From Last Night's World Series

Here is the controversial, but correct, call from last night's Game 3 of the World Series that cost the Boston Red Sox the game. Just as a reminder the intent does not have to be there for it to be obstruction. Will Middlebrooks was in the baseline and obstructed Allen Craig from running home. Without the trip, again inadvertent or not, Craig probably scores easily anyway. Long story short Boston fans suck it up because with or without the trip you lost the game and home field advantage.

Changes Coming To The Japanese Posting System

Just in time for the Masahiro Tanaka posting sweepstakes comes an announcement that the Nippon Professional Baseball league and Major League Baseball are close to a new deal that would bring significant changes to the posting system. The new system is set to be fialized and in place before November 1st so the new changes will be implemented this season, just in time for Yankees fans.

Under the old rules teams would submit a silent bid and the team would choose which bid they wanted to accept, which was obviously always the highest. Now the player, and this is still speculation and what is being reported but not finalized, will be able to choose one team from the top two or three bidding teams to negotiate with exclusively. This now gives some of the power back to the player and also means that if the Yankees want Tanaka they only have to get in the top three to have a chance.

I think this is one of the few changes in the new systems we have seen lately that the Yankees and their brand, not to mention their cash, will give them the step up above other teams in the process. Hell you never know it may even save the Yankees a few bucks in the long run.

Closer Look At The 2014 Yankees Ticket Price Changes

Here is a look at the Yankees 2014 season ticket price changes and pricing. Some tickets increased, most decreased or stayed the same. Rather than sit here and type it all out this picture makes finding your favorite section quick and easier.