Monday, October 28, 2013

Falls Stars Game Will Include O'Brien & Williams

The Arizona Fall League All Star Game, the Falls Stars Game, will include two Yankees prospects in Mason Williams and Peter O'Brien. If you do not recognize the name it is because the game used to be called the Rising Stars Game but now it is the Fall Stars Game so new name but the game is still the same. This will technically be the 8th annual game for the Arizona Fall League and it will take place at 5:00 pm Arizona time on my birthday November, 2nd. The game will be televised on Saturday on MLB Network and can be heard and seen on

21 of the Top 100 prospects in all of Baseball, including Byron Buxton from the Twins, will be in the game so it should be a pretty interesting game to watch, prospect humper or not. CLICK HERE for the complete roster and write up from


  1. Finally, I can see these guys play. I'm writing stuff about them yet I'll admit I barely even know what they look like.

  2. The year is 19657 the Mick at just won the Triple Crown and was at the top of his game and popularity.....when disaster almost struck. the Yankee organization found out that the MLB was going to be more stringent regarding alcohol and drugs.

    Billy Martin informed clueless Mick about the new procedures. "Mick they are giving us all blood tests tomorrow.". " oh no, the Mick replied " i better get home and study then!"


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